Moving from Orlando, FL to Columbus, OH

So you’re thinking about moving from Orlando, FL to Columbus, OH?

Orlando, Florida and Columbus, Ohio are in two completely different areas of the country, so it is no surprise that they offer completely different types of living experiences. Both are large cities with large metropolitan areas, but that is where the similarities stop. If you’re looking to take your life and move it a step higher, Columbus is calling your name. This article will help you to see why moving to Columbus from Orlando is such a great idea.

What is the weather like in Columbus?

The primary difference between the two cities would very likely be their climate. While Orlando is extremely hot and humid for the majority of the year, Columbus has a much milder climate with warm summers and cold winters. Though it is cold during the winter, the daily highs tend to stay above freezing, so adjustment shouldn’t be too uncomfortable for a native Orlando citizen. Both cities have abundant rainfall, with Columbus receiving about 40 inches annually, resulting in a very beautiful landscape in and around the city. Snow is prevalent during the winter months, with almost 27 inches coming in over the course of about a six month period. For Orlando residents who’ve only dreamed of a white Christmas, the possibility becomes very real in Columbus.

Aviation and Columbus, Ohio

One interesting point of discussion in relation to Columbus, Ohio, is its long history with the evolution of the aviation industry. Cromwell Dixon, at the age of 14, built the “SkyCycle” in 1907. It was a pedal-powered blimp that he tested flying in the city’s Driving Park. Ironic that the beginnings of flying would be found in a park called “Driving.” The Wright Brothers also hailed from the city, and they, of course, manned the world’s first commercial cargo flight in 1910. They covered a distance of about 70 miles in this impressive feat.

The Port Columbus Airport was built less than 20 years later, and it was an important part of a coordinated rail-to-air transcontinental system moving passengers from East to West in the United States. Charles Lindbergh was the famous individual who promoted Columbus to be considered for such an honor. The first flight out of the airport in 1929 had passengers that included Henry Ford, Amelia Earhart, and Harvey Firestone. In keeping with the place Columbus holds in aviation history, Geraldine Freditz Mock left from Columbus on her way to fly around the world, the first woman to achieve this accomplishment.

What are some of the landmarks in Columbus?

Columbus has a very interesting history, with a heritage dating back to before the American Revolution. As such, it has a number of interesting landmarks and museums for its residents to appreciate and enjoy.

The beautiful Ohio Statehouse is central among these landmarks, having been built in 1839. With an 18-foot deep foundation, the building was made to last. With beautiful architecture, the building is not modeled after our own national Capitol, but it instead incorporates other Greek influences in its design. The building took 22 years to complete.

Some of the tallest buildings in the city include 41-story Rhodes State Office Tower and the 47-floor LeVeque tower, which were constructed in the 1970s and 1920s, respectively. There is also the beautiful art-deco Ohio Judicial Center and the Wexner Center, which was designed by renowned architect Peter Eisenman.

A to-scale replica of Santa Maria, Christopher Columbus’ ship, can be seen in the city, as well. It is right along the Scioto Riverfront and was placed to commemorate the discovery of America by Columbus. In addition, Green Lawn Cemetery is one of the biggest cemeteries in the nation.

Clearly, the landmarks in Columbus help to shade its very culture. In addition, there are many museums to take in the city, with far more culture than the Disney-oriented Orlando could dream of providing. Since 1931, the Columbus Museum of Art has given the citizens of the city examples of everything from German Expressionism to Cubism. There is also the Wexner Center for the Arts, which features more contemporary fair. The Franklin Park Conservatory is the beautiful botanical garden in Franklin Park. It opened in 1895. Meanwhile, one can get their fill of Victorian life with the Kelton House Museum and Garden.

What are the arts like in Columbus?

Columbus also boasts an active performing arts scene, with a number of different outlets like Opera Columbus, the Columbus Symphony Orchestra, the Columbus Children’s Theatre, and the Shadowbox Cabaret. There are free Shakespearean performances during the summer with the Actor’s Theatre of Columbus. The Columbus Youth Ballet Academy also performs in the city and is headed by ballerina Shir Lee Woo. Among the concert venues in the city are the Nationwide Area, the Lincoln Theatre and the Southern Theatre.

Several movies have filmed in and around Columbus over the years, including the Academy Award-winning film Traffic and The Silence of the Lambs. In addition, the movies Air Force One, Parker, and Tango & Cash also utilized the town.

Make your way to Columbus

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