Moving from Newark, NJ to Orlando, FL

Are you moving from Newark, NJ to Orlando, FL?

Newark, New Jersey, and Orlando, Florida are two completely different cities. Nevertheless, they both have very fine points that make them extremely livable for their residents. There are many reasons why you might recommend both, but in the final summation there might just be one that is better suited for you than the other. This article will help you to see why moving from Newark to Orlando may be the move for you!

What is the weather like in Orlando?

If you know anything about geography, you know that the further north one goes in the upper hemisphere, the colder it’s going to get. Newark is located much farther north than Orlando, so it has a much colder climate on the whole. While its seaside location does lend itself to its fair share of humid summer days, the winters are often bitterly cold with an excessive amount of snowfall. This is not something one has to worry about in Orlando. Orlando is a warm, humid city. It is the type of climate that people pay thousands to vacation in…every day in fact. There’s a reason that the town is one of the top vacation destinations in the United States. Orlando provides an escape from the North’s harsh winters. And even though the summers are humid, it actually is one of the few deep-south towns that is typically able to avoid heat that exceeds 100 degrees. If you’re looking for a year-round tan, this Florida city is definitely for you.

What are the demographics like in Orlando?

Diversity is something that Newark can most certainly boast as one of its finer qualities. When moving away from the town, it should be expected that similar qualities will highlight the city you’re moving to. Thankfully, Orlando is an especially diverse city. In particular, there is a large number of Puerto Ricans in the town. Also, there is significant influence from other factions of Hispanic cultures. African Americans make a large percentage of the town’s population, as well. Orlando is actually a much smaller metropolitan area than Newark’s, which is considered part of the New York City statistical area. Thanks to the large number of tourists, though, Orlando has all of the advantages of a very large city. So residents are able to get the advantages of a big city without the pains of large population densities.

So what about tourism in Orlando?

In a small state like New Jersey, there certainly isn’t room for such an incredible attraction as Disneyworld. Disneyworld goes hand and hand with the city, and it has been a vital part of its incredible population boom in recent decades. The Walt Disney World Resort brings in millions of visitors throughout the year, and the first day park-goers set eyes on the attraction, with Cinderella’s Castle as its hallmark, in 1971 the city was forever changed. It is the type of theme park that isn’t feasible in a place like Newark, in no small part because there simply isn’t room. The popularity has helped other sites to set foot in Orlando, such as SeaWorld Orlando and the Universal Orlando. Because of these locations, much film and television production has taken place in the town over recent decades. In many ways, Orlando is a Hollywood away from Hollywood. The theme parks also help to bring a massive amount of revenue to the city annually, with 33 billion dollars coming in from the almost 60 million year-round visitors.

What are the job opportunities like in Orlando?

Based on the above information, it will come as no shock that the theme parks play a very prominent role in Orlando’s job market. Connected to this is the hotel industry, which thrives from the many visitors that come in all the time. Many other industries have also made there way into the city over the years, with a particular slant toward hi-tech industries. 13.4 billion dollars come into the city through such companies each year. Darden Restaurants has their base in the city, and they are the company responsible for both Red Lobster and Olive Garden. The large missile system manufacturer Lockheed-Martin is also located in Orlando. Non-profit hospital systems like Orlando Health and Florida Hospital also provide jobs for residents.

Making the move to Orlando from Newark

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Welcome to beautiful Orlando, FL!

Newark and Orlando both have their finer qualities, and there are many reasons to recommend both cities. When comparing the facts, however, it is hard not to imagine Orlando as being the more exciting location to live. Pack your bags for this Florida city today!