Moving from Nashville, TN to Raleigh, NC

Moving from Nashville, Tennessee to Raleigh, North Carolina

Raleigh is a city with a long U.S. history even down to its name, which comes from Sir Walter Raleigh who founded the lost Roanoke Colony! Raleigh was a planned city, specifically chosen as the site of the capital of North Carolina in 1788 and was then quickly incorporated in 1792. Today, Raleigh is the second largest city in the state with a population of over 416,000 and is one of the fastest growing cities in the country! So, moving from Nashville to Raleigh will certainly provide you with many new opportunities!

On your way from Nashville to Raleigh

You might consider driving yourself to Raleigh when moving from Nashville to Raleigh because the two cities are only about 550 miles from each other. If you decide to go on the road to Raleigh, your drive will probably take about eight and a half hours. You’ll be passing through a couple of fun cities along the way if you’d like to stop and check them out! Visit Knoxville, TN to see the Knoxville Zoo or Market Square, which has shops, restaurants and special events! Or, check out Greensboro, NC where you can visit the International Civil Rights Center and Museum!

Characteristics of Raleigh’s Climate

When moving from Nashville to Raleigh, you’ll notice that both cities’ climates are very similar. Both experience a humid subtropical climate which means that they have four distinct seasons with hot, humid summers and cold but fairly mild winters. Raleigh, like Nashville, gets average summer highs that reach into the low 90s and average winter lows that drop to the low 30s. Additionally, Raleigh receives little snow each year with an average of only six inches, but it does receive much precipitation with an average of 43.3 inches.

Raleigh’s Options for Transportation

Of course, one option for getting around Raleigh is by car. Driving in and around Raleigh is made simple by the numerous Interstate Highways, U.S. Highways and North Carolina Highways that crisscross the city. On the other hand, public transportation is provided by Capital Area Transit (CAT) and Triangle Transit. CAT operates 43 fixed bus routes that go throughout the city, and Triangle Transit offers fixed-route regional and commuter buses that go throughout Raleigh as well as to nearby cities and to the airport! North Carolina State University also operates a free bus service, the Wolfline, which travels mainly around the university’s campuses.

Raleigh’s Higher Education

If you’re looking for higher education for your children or yourself when moving from Nashville to Raleigh, you’ll find that Raleigh has two main options. North Carolina State University is a four year public research university that has an enrollment of over 34,000 students and offers over 100 bachelor’s degree programs, over 100 master’s degree programs and more than 60 doctoral degrees! Also located in Raleigh is Wake Technical Community College which offers two year degrees and is a technical training school with about 63,000 students.

Raleigh’s Entertainment

Don’t worry about missing out on your favorite activities when moving from Nashville to Raleigh; you’ll soon find out all that Raleigh has to offer! For sports fans, the Carolina Hurricanes of the NHL play in Raleigh at the PNC Arena and the North Carolina State University Wolfpack competes in 24 intercollegiate varsity sports!

Those who love exploring museums will enjoy visiting the North Carolina Museum of History, the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences and the North Carolina Museum of Art as well as the Marbles Kids Museum and the Contemporary Art Museum of Raleigh!

Finally, if you enjoy the performing arts don’t miss shows from the Carolina Ballet, the North Carolina Symphony, the North Carolina Theatre and the Opera Company of North Carolina!

You’re sure to love living in the “City of Oaks”! You’ll love moving from Nashville to Raleigh!


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