Moving from Nashville, TN to Phoenix, AZ

Planning a moving from Nashville to Phoenix?

Headed from the Music City to the Valley of the Sun? You’re sure to miss the vibrant music scene, the food and the overall vibe of the city, but there is plenty to love about Phoenix, too. Learn about what life is like in Phoenix and see how it compares to life in Nashville. If you need help moving, see how U-Pack® can handle your long-distance move!

What to expect about life in Phoenix

There’s a lot to enjoy about Phoenix! Here’s what to expect:

Cheaper home prices

One of the first things you do when moving to a new place is to check on home prices. You’ll find that home prices, on average, are a bit cheaper in Phoenix than they are in Nashville. According to Sperling’s Best Places, Phoenix housing costs are more than 8 percent cheaper than in Nashville. In Phoenix, the median price of a home is $248,600, but in Nashville, it’s $265,200. That’s a difference of $116,600! And while you may pay a little more for things like gas and groceries, you’ll spend less on housing and healthcare! 

More people

While nearly 2 million people live in Nashville, the population in your new home will nearly double that. Phoenix is the fifth most populous city in the U.S., with the metropolitan area being home to approximately 4.7 million people. While you’ll see a bit more people in Phoenix, you’ll be able to enjoy all the big city amenities the city has to offer!

Lots of things to do

Once you get settled in, you can start exploring your city and discover all the best things to do in the area. Phoenix gets nearly 300 sunny days a year, so it’s a common occurrence to see residents out and about and enjoying the city! Go hiking at Papago Park, take the kids to the Phoenix Zoo or the Desert Botanical Garden, take in some NBA action at a Phoenix Suns game or take a day trip to the Grand Canyon National Park! Whatever your interests, Phoenix has something for everyone! 

Warmer weather

Nashville is no stranger to the summer heat, but it gets hot in Phoenix in the summer! Due to the hot, desert-like climate, Phoenix sees very little rain and has mild winters and very hot summers with average daytime high temperatures that are hotter than most other cities in the U.S. As we mentioned earlier, Phoenix gets a lot of sun and the city typically sees triple digit temperatures about 100 days out of the year. In the winter, daytime temperatures usually hover around the upper-60s and lower-70s. Snowfall is rare in Phoenix, but nights in the winter can get cold, with overnight lows falling to the mid- to lower-40s and sometimes to slightly below freezing. 

Less traffic

Looking to ditch the Nashville gridlock? You’re in luck! Despite the big difference in population, Phoenix actually has less traffic issues. According to a traffic study by GPS- and traffic-mapping company TomTom, Phoenix drivers spend about 20 minutes a day (77 hours a year) in traffic, which is about 12 minutes less (or 47 hours) less than what you would in Nashville. This means you’ll get home from work faster and enjoy an easier commute!

Good public transit options

If you’re not into driving, take advantage of the public transit options Phoenix has to offer! The Phoenix Valley Metro has multiple bus routes that run through the city and there are also light rail routes that can get you to and from work. Taxis and other ride-sharing programs also offer transportation options in the city. 

Moving to Phoenix with U-Pack

Need help moving from Nashville to Phoenix? Consider U-Pack! With our self-move service, you pack, load and unload a moving trailer or ReloCube, and we’ll transport it for you. And with locations in or near both cities, we’ll deliver your stuff in no time! Get a free quote online, or call 844-362-5303844-594-3077 to see how much your move from Chicago to Indy will cost.