Moving from Nashville, TN to Denver, CO

So you’re thinking about moving from Nashville, TN to Denver, CO?

Denver, Colorado, and Nashville, Tennessee, are not only different cities because they are situated in completely different parts of the country. They also have many unique qualities that separate them from one another. Nashville is known as “Music City USA,” and there are certainly a number of reasons why living in the heart of the country beat is very appealing. Denver, though, has its own vibe that is equally appealing. In fact, when you set the two places side by side, you may discover that you’d rather live in Denver. This article will help you see just why Denver is a better place to live than Nashville.

What is the weather like in Denver?

Nashville doesn’t exactly have bad weather. They have four distinct seasons, although their winters are rather mild. But it does get cold, and it does get hot, and there are two times of year that manage something in between those two extremes. Nashville does this all with a healthy dash of humidity, which is common in the wet Southeast United States. Denver is a different animal altogether. Denver does not have much in the way of humidity by comparison, which is largely owed to its high altitude. Denver also has four distinct seasons, including warm summers. The summers, though, aren’t quite as extreme as Nashville’s can sometimes get. Winters, too, differ in Denver. Denver enjoys more than 50 inches of snowfall. Even in the chilliest parts of winters, Nashville can’t dream of these numbers. Denver doesn’t have a single month, however, that averages under freezing temperatures, which means that despite that fact that there is prevalent snow to enjoy, you don’t have to freeze to enjoy it. Denver during the winter months is a wonderland of snowmen and sliding. Nashville residents are trading the nearby Appalachian Mountains for the much more significant Rocky Mountains, and the Rockies are beautiful during just about any time of year. The bloom of spring and the crispness of fall will never quite be the same for you again.

Are the schools in Denver good?

One of the most impressive qualities about Denver are its incredible schools, starting at the beginning with highly praised primary and secondary institutions (the school system currently educated around 73,000 students across 73 campuses), to some of the prestigious colleges and universities in the country. A highly academic city, the college dream will be a reality for Denver residents. Look no further than the University of Denver, the University of Colorado at Denver, the Metropolitan State University of Colorado, and Regis University when thinking about higher education. While there are certainly a large number of great schools in Nashville, it is hard to compete with the educational prowess of Denver.

Staying Informed in Denver

Whenever you’re moving to a new city, it is important to know all you can about the local journalism scene. While the Internet has certainly become the primary resource for national news, local newspapers still reign supreme in cities like Denver and Nashville. There is a wealth of great publications that you might very well want to subscribe to in Denver if you decide to make the leap. Among these is the Denver Post, which has a long history of journalistic excellence. It was first published in 1892. In 2001, it was took the town’s other paper Rock Mountain News under its wing, which folded in 2009- representing the official merger of the two publications. Some other locals include Out Front Colorado and Westword. There’s also a regional magazine called 5280 (the title references the elevation (in feet) of the mile-high city).

Sports in Denver

Southern-born and southern-bred people from cities like Nashville love a great sports team, and there is no reason to be concerned about staying in the thick of athletics in Denver. The city is one of the few in the country that has the distinction of having representation in each of the four major sports. The Denver Broncos lead the back in the NFL, but you will have to fight to get a ticket at the Sports Authority Field at Mile High. They’ve sold out every regular game at the venue since 1970. The team has won the Super Bowl twice in its history

There is also Colorado Rockies, which play in the MLB for the city. In the past, the team has had the honor of playing in the World Series. There is also the Colorado Avalanche, which is the town’s NHL hockey team. Since relocating to Denver from Quebec City in 1995, the team has captured the Stanley Cup twice. Meanwhile, NBA fans can check out the Denver Nuggets, and soccer fans also have plenty to keep them entertained with the MLS’s Colorado Rapids, who captured the MLS Cup in 2010.

Moving to Denver

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Welcome to your new home, Denver!

What are you waiting for?! It’s time to take a step out of Nashville and into Denver, your new home!