Moving from Nashville, TN to Dallas, TX

Moving from Nashville, Tennessee to Dallas, Texas

With a population of more than 1.2 million, Dallas is the third largest city in Texas and the ninth largest city in the country! Dallas, a quintessentially Texan town, was founded in 1841 and quickly became an important center for oil and cotton as well as a crossroads for many railroad lines. And if you’re moving from Nashville to Dallas, you’ll learn that today, Dallas is the center of the largest metropolitan area in the South! You’ll also be glad to know that Dallas has a thriving economy that is based on healthcare, commerce, energy, banking, computer technology and more!

Traveling from Nashville to Dallas

Dallas is about 660 miles from Nashville which, by car, takes almost ten hours to travel. If you’re going to drive yourself when moving from Nashville to Dallas, you may consider stopping along the way for a rest and to check out some great cities! Stop in Memphis, TN to see Graceland, the home of Elvis Presley, or check out Little Rock, AR where you can visit the Little Rock Zoo or the Museum of Discovery!

The Weather in Dallas

Although both Nashville and Dallas have similar climates, you’ll find that Dallas is on average slightly warmer than Nashville throughout the year. Winters in Dallas are quite mild with very little snow, a yearly average of only 1.5 inches, and average lows in the high 30s. Summers, on the other hand, are very hot and humid with average highs in the mid-90s and temperatures that are sometimes into the 100s! Precipitation is also fairly abundant in Dallas which receives an average of 37.6 inches annually.

Public Transportation in Dallas

When moving from Nashville to Dallas, you’ll find that there are a few alternatives to driving. Although the majority of residents drive, there have been efforts to make public transportation more available. Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART), for example, operates a light rail, bus service and HOV lanes, and after starting its first light rail line in only 1996, DART has become the largest operator of light rail in the nation! Other options for commuters in Dallas include bicycling on the many biking paths throughout the city and walking which has been made easier since the construction of wider sidewalks!

Public Education in Dallas

You’ll be glad to know when moving from Nashville to Dallas that Dallas has some of the best schools in the country! The Dallas Independent School District (DISD) serves the vast majority of the city and is the fourteenth largest school district in the country! In its 230 schools, DISD employs over 20,000 teachers and enrolls over 157,000 students! Additionally, several of DISD’s schools have been named by Newsweek as some of the best public schools in the country!

Fun Things to Do in Dallas

If you’re looking for exciting events to attend when moving from Nashville to Dallas, check out one of the special annual events that Dallas hosts! The State Fair of Texas is the most popular annual event held in Dallas with several days of fun and activities. Dallas also hosts the Cotton Bowl every year as well as an annual New Year’s Eve celebration in AT&T Plaza!

If you love the arts, be sure to check out the Arts District in the northern part of Downtown Dallas. Just a few of the places in the Arts District include the Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center where the Dallas Symphony Orchestra Plays; the Dallas Center for the Performing Arts which is home to the Texas Ballet Theater, the Dallas Opera, the Dallas Black Dance Theater and the Dallas Theater Center; the Dallas Museum of Art; the Nasher Sculpture Center and more!

Welcome to the “Big D”! You’re going to love moving from Nashville to Dallas!

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