Moving from Miami, FL to Washington D.C.

Are you moving from Miami, FL to Washington, D.C.?

While Miami, Florida, may have its sun and beaches, Washington D.C. has a rich history that goes hand-in-hand with our nation’s history. When comparing Miami to Washington D.C., you’ll find Washington D.C. to be exactly what you’re looking for in a new place to call home.

What is the history of our nation’s capitol?

Washington, D.C. was not the original capitol of the United States, but it has been the capitol for almost its entire history. It was originally created thanks to the Residence Act in 1790, which called for the founding of a capitol district on the East Coast. Both Maryland and Virginia donated land for what ultimately become Washington, D.C. The District of Columbia has since gained on its limited self-government, and the area has grown to be the seventh-largest metropolitan area in the country. An additional million people come in during the work week, commuting from neighboring cities. The name “Columbia” was a poetic name given to the states that was popular during the construction of the capitol.

The first session of Congress held in Washington was on November 17, 1800, and the Organic Act of 1801 officially recognized the district. Despite a devastating raid during the War of 1812, the government buildings have thrived over the years. Today, the capitol is a beacon for our entire nation.

What is the weather like in Washington, D.C.?

Miami, Florida, is known for heat and humidity. Other than that, there isn’t much else to be said about the weather in Florida. It’s not unusual for even the winter months to see unusual amounts of heat. Washington, D.C. does have summers with marked humidity, but Miami residents will find it to be child’s play compared to what they typically endure. Washington also offers four distinct seasons, with beautiful winters, springs and falls, in addition to their warm summers. Winter brings about reasonable amounts of snow, with around 15 inches annually. Miami never sees this type of precipitation, so living in a city where a white Christmas is possible will appeal to many Miami residents. In addition, Washington also enjoys a plentiful amount of rainfall each year, along with plenty of sunshine. The city, in general, is a welcome break for people accustomed to Miami weather.

What are the demographics like in Washington, D.C.?

It is not surprising that Washington, D.C. holds one of the most diverse populations in the nation. While Miami does hold significant numbers of white and Hispanic Americans, there is much more diversity to be found in D.C. In addition to large percentages of Hispanic and Asian Americans, 50 percent of the city is African American, one of the largest totals in the nation. There are many different religions represented in the city, as well, with healthy Jewish, Buddhist, Mormon and Hindu followers, along with Christians. Of the Christian denominations, the largest are Baptist at 17 percent and Catholic at 13 percent of the city, respectively.

What are the landmarks in Washington, D.C.?

You can’t talk about Washington, D.C. without talking about the many landmarks that the city holds. While Miami has cultural significance, especially in relation to Cuban culture, Washington has more history than nearly any other city in America. The National Mall is at the center of all of this. A large, open park situated between the Lincoln Memorial and the Capitol building in downtown, the site has been the location for a number of political protests, festivals, presidential inaugurations and concerts over the years. The mall also houses the Jefferson Pier and the Washington Monument, as well as the National World War II Memorial, the Korean War Veterans Memorial, and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. The Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool also makes up a significant portion of the park.

Of course, one landmark that needs no description is our president’s home, The White House.

The National Archives are another impressive location in the capitol city. The building holds many of the most significant documents in U.S. history, including the Bill of Rights, the constitution and the Declaration of Independence. Meanwhile, the Smithsonian Institution, founded in 1846, has many of items and exhibits of cultural importance.

Other interesting sites found in the city include the National Gallery of Art, the National Building Museum, the National Museum of Women in the Arts, the International Spy Museum and the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

Make the move to Washington!

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