Moving from Miami, FL to Philadelphia, PA

Moving from The Magic City to the City of Brotherly Love

On the surface, Miami and Philadelphia appear to have little in common. One is considered a sunny and glamorous party town; the other is 1,200 miles north and the cradle of American history. But both are diverse, major metropolitan cities with much to offer. Worried about missing the weather, beaches and food when moving from Miami? You can still find all that and more in Philly!


Full disclosure: It’s not always sunny in Philadelphia. The city’s cold, snowy winters will make Miami transplants long for the South Florida sun. But for most of the year, Philly’s pleasant climate allows residents to take advantage of the city’s many outdoor spaces.

Getting Around

Central Philadelphia is one of the most walkable major areas in the country. Public transportation is readily available with buses, subways, trolleys, and regional train lines. Traffic can get congested, and parking is at a premium in the city’s busier sections. 

Major Industries and Cost of Living

Education and health services are major employers in Philadelphia. Housing costs have remained stable there while rising around the country. Another plus is that it’s cheaper to live in Philadelphia than in Miami or in neighboring New York City and Washington, D.C. 

Philly: A Haven for Foodies

Craving Miami’s Cuban sandwiches or fresh seafood? You may be surprised to learn that Philadelphia food options go far beyond the famous cheesesteaks (though we recommend trying them!). Enjoy a variety of cultural delicacies, found from fine dining to food trucks. Be sure to also check out the metro area’s many established beer gardens.

Things To Do

Philadelphians are known for their passion, and that extends to recreation. Locals pack stadiums, arenas and sports bars to cheer on their teams. When the weather’s nice, they also enjoy Fairmont Park, one of the largest urban parks in the country and home to a collection of wooded hiking trails. And, the Atlantic Ocean is just an hour away. Top cultural sites include the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall and the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Moving from Miami to Philadelphia

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