Moving from Miami, FL to North Las Vegas, NV

So you’re thinking about moving from Miami, FL to North Las Vegas, NV?

Miami and Las Vegas are two cities that are often mentioned in the same breath when families are deciding where they might go on a vacation. The cities, though, have a lot more to them than tourism, although that is quite certainly a big part of the heartbeat of their respective cultures. Furthermore, North Las Vegas is its own distinct city separate from Las Vegas. If you’re considering moving away from Miami to another large town, or at least the outskirts of a large town, then North Las Vegas might very well be the kind of city that you’re looking for. There is much to recommend about the city, and this article will help you discover why moving from Miami to North Las Vegas is the move for you!

What is the weather like in North Las Vegas?

Living in Miami, residents are accustomed to hot temperatures. The desert highs will come of no shock to Miami folk, but they will very likely appreciate the lack of humidity. Hair straighteners can take a hike. There also is hardly any rain that falls in North Las Vegas. Occasionally monsoons due reach the general vicinity, which does bring thunderstorms and heavy rain, but this is not necessarily the norm. The much dryer climate allows for almost endless sunshine. The Mojave Desert is the exact location of North Las Vegas, and residents also enjoy very mild winters. Temperatures don’t typically fall below freezing and only a spattering of snow occurs every few years. For the most part, though, North Las Vegas offers the quintessential desert climate. In many ways, it might very well be preferable to the rain and humidity of Miami.

What are the educational opportunities in North Las Vegas?

North Las Vegas does benefit greatly from being a suburb of Las Vegas. This larger city, as well as the general metropolitan area, affords many exciting educational opportunities for citizens. There are many different schools for students to attend, and the primary and secondary institutions are controlled by the Clark County School District. It is one of the largest districts in the United States. Vegas has one of the top arts schools in the country with the Las Vegas Academy of International Studies, which has won a Grammy Award. North Las Vegas holds the Cheyenne Campus of the College of Southern Nevada, while the University of Nevada, Las Vegas is working to open a division in the town. In Las Vegas proper there are such high education options as the Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts and the University Of Nevada School Of Medicine. Nearby one can find Touro University Nevada, the Desert Research Institute, the University of Nevada, and the International Academy of Design. Miami certainly has many educational options, but the many institutions that surround North Las Vegas are staggering.

What about entertainment in North Las Vegas?

Entertainment is one of the greatest draws of the greater Las Vegas area. Even living just outside of the city allows all the advantages of living in a city that has constant activity. There is so much entertainment in Las Vegas it’s stunning. Shows are constantly moving through Vegas, from “Wicked” to “Jersey Boys.” You can also check out Celine Dion or Britney Spears, or how about going to see Tom Jones, the Blue Man group or Cirque de Soleil live? Whether you’re at one of the many clubs on the strip or in the Smith Center for the Performing Arts, you’ll find more than enough to keep your eyes saturated and your toes a-tapping.

Gambling, of course, is a big part of the city’s revenue. The strip is famous for being the heart of “Sin City,” but there is much more about the center of the town than betting. Hotels and restaurants have a large impact on the city, providing much impact on the city’s economy. Shopping and retail are also a big part of the Vegas lifestyle. In short, there’s more than enough to do in sunny North Las Vegas.

So what separates Las Vegas and North Las Vegas?

Many different cities in the United States have offsets of their own main statistical area. For instance, Los Angeles has a district called West Hollywood that broke off into their own township in the 1980s. North Las Vegas came about in 1946, and the town is in many ways very separate from Las Vegas itself. North Las Vegas has its own police and fire protection, recreational amenities, and water and wastewater services. They also have their own council-manager government and a mayor that is elected at large. The population very much considers themselves separate from the main city and take pride in their name and individuality.

North Las Vegas or bust!

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