Moving from Miami, FL to New York, NY

Moving from Miami to NYC

Miami and New York City might be 1,300 miles apart, but their worlds are not so different. If you’ve enjoyed living in the bustling city of Miami, then moving to NYC is a great idea! The city is home to more than 8.6 million people and some of the country’s tallest skyscrapers. From southern shores to northern islands — here’s what to expect when moving from Florida to New York. 


Trade your flip-flops in for some snow boots (for at least the winter season). While NYC tends to have hot and humid summers, the city’s winters can be cold and snowy. On the plus side, you’ll experience fewer hurricanes in New York City than you may have in Miami. 

Life in NYC 

What’s drawing people to the city that never sleeps? For those seeking higher education, it’s the wide selection of prestigious universities. For the art and music enthusiasts, it’s the world-famous Broadway Theatre District. For the entrepreneurs, it’s the major industries in finance, fashion, entertainment and tourism. No matter who you are, there’s something for you in NYC. 

Relax at the Beach 

If you’re sad to leave the white, sandy beaches of Miami, you’ll be happy to know NYC also has beaches. Yes, even in NYC, you can enjoy the sand between your toes! A few local favorites include Rockaway Beach (Queens), Coney Island (Brooklyn) and Orchard Beach (the Bronx). So, grab your beach chair, sunblock and shades for a relaxing day on New York’s shoreline. 

Ready to move to NYC?

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