Moving from Miami, FL to New York, NY

Get a taste of the Big Apple before leaving Miami 

Miami, FL and New York, NY, are separated by 1,300 miles and drastically different weather, but these two cities share more in common than you might think. Aside from being popular tourist destinations, both are international business and cultural centers with distinctive vibes — home to fiercely loyal locals who are proud of where they live. 

Leaving Miami to start a new life in NYC is an incredible opportunity! Discover what awaits and find out about a long-distance moving company that can simplify your trek and save you money. 

You can (literally) rub elbows with other NYC residents 

Home to a densely populated 440,800 people, Miami isn’t a small city. But with 8.7 million people in New York City and more than 20 million in the NYC metro area, NYC has the largest population of any U.S. city. It’s also 15 times bigger than Miami in terms of population! 

Couple that with the small land mass, and New York City has the nation’s highest population density. In NYC, 26,400 people live within each square mile; in Manhattan alone, that number tops over 66,000 per square mile.  

Prepare to spend much more to live in New York City 

Living in Miami isn’t cheap — the most expensive city in Florida — but the lack of income tax helps make it manageable, especially for retirees. However, the expense pales in comparison to New York City. 

While Miami’s cost of living is only about 14 percent higher than the national average and housing is 44 percent higher, NYC checks in at 129 percent more and 369 percent above in housing. New York City residents pay more than $3,200 per month in rent. If you’re in the market to buy, the median home cost approaches $700,000. 

With affordable housing becoming tougher to find in NYC, many locals are branching out to nearby Long Island, New Jersey or Connecticut, all just a short commute away. 

You’ll never run out of places to explore 

New York City has a surprising amount of green space, along with its iconic architecture and world-famous attractions. It has over 1,700 parks, playgrounds and recreational facilities across the five boroughs. Central Park gets the most attention, but don’t miss The High Line, a unique urban revitalization project in the Lower East Side. 

If you start to miss Miami’s beaches, you won’t have to go far to find sun and sand around NYC. One of the most popular spots for locals, Orchard Beach, is the only public beach in the Bronx and just 35 minutes from Midtown Manhattan. For more easy day trip ideas, check out this list of the best beaches around NYC.  

NYC’s weather is as diverse as the population 

With Miami being warm and humid year-round, experiencing NYC and its four seasons might be eye-opening. New York City summers are scorching, and the winters are cold and snowy; people are known to come out in droves to enjoy the beautiful spring and fall weather. Pro tip: the city doesn’t stop moving in the face of harsh winters, so be prepared for business as usual with the proper clothing and supplies. 

Get familiar with public transportation 

While personal vehicles and rideshare services are the primary transportation options in Miami, public transit — along with lots of walking — is a way of life in New York. Limited parking options and heavy traffic make driving a challenge. The New York MTA runs 24/7 with a fleet of buses and trains that take passengers all over the city.  

And if you want to head back to Miami for a visit, there are multiple nonstop flights daily from the area’s three major airports. 

U-Pack takes the hassle out of Miami-to-NYC moves  

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