Moving from Miami, FL to Denver, CO

Moving from Miami, FL to Denver, CO

Moving from Miami to Denver should be a fairly easy transition because the two cities are not too different in population. Whereas Miami has a population of 408,568, Denver’s population is slightly larger at 600,158. However, the two cities are on opposite sides of the country, with Miami being only six feet above sea level, and Denver being exactly one mile above sea level. This great disparity causes weather, as well as altitude in the two cities to be very different, and that can take a little time to get used to. However, Denver is a breathtakingly beautiful city with friendly people, a rich culture and a picturesque cityscape. So, come on over and experience all the great things that the city of Denver has to offer!

What you can expect from a move from Miami to Denver:

If you’re driving from Miami to Denver in your own vehicle, you can expect to be on the road for about four hours total, covering a distance of 2,066 miles. That can seem like a insurmountable task; however, your trip will take you through such interesting cities as, Atlanta, Georgia; Nashville, Tennessee; St. Louis, Missouri; and Topeka, Kansas. This is a great opportunity to plan a mini-vacation while you’re moving across the country!

The Weather in Denver

The weather in Denver will be much different from what you’re used to in Miami, and you’ll probably want to invest in a very warm winter coat! Whereas the average yearly temperature in Miami is a warm 75 F, the average yearly temperature in Denver is a chilly 50 F, which is quite a difference! In the summers, Denver’s average high temperatures can reach into the high 80s while the average low temperatures in the winters drop to the mid-teens.

Getting Around in Denver

Whether you’re used to commuting via public transportation or your personal vehicle in Miami, getting around in Denver will be a breeze. More than 1,000 buses in Denver and surrounding areas provide more than 10,000 stops all around the city and neighboring counties. Amtrak also provides rail service to Denver daily. Denver is served by two major interstate freeways making travel by vehicle around and outside the city simple. Additionally, Denver was ranked 16th most walkable of fifty large U.S. Cities in a study done by Walk Score in 2011.

Getting an Education in Denver

If you have school-aged children in Miami public schools, transitioning to Denver public schools should be very easy for them. They’ll be transitioning from a school district that serves 385,655 students to a district that serves only about 73,000 students. Denver Public Schools (DPS) is composed of 73 elementary schools, 15 K-8 schools, 17 middle schools, 14 high schools and 19 charter schools. Additionally, Denver offers many options for private schools.

Dining in Denver

Although Miami is known for its interesting and eclectic cuisines, don’t count Denver out when it comes to interesting foods and a variety of colorful cuisines. Denver is particularly known for specializing in southwest cuisine including the Southwest (Denver) Omelette, the Colorado Burrito and Green and Red Chile sauces. Additionally, some of Denver’s signature dishes include Rocky Mountain oysters, Rainbow trout and the Denver sandwich. When you move, however, there are a few of the best-reviewed restaurants in the city that you must try: Rioja, where you can try authentic Spanish cuisine; Sushi Den; Fruition Restaurant; Pho 95, the best Vietnamese restaurant in the city; and Marco’s Coal-Fired Pizza, where you can find the best pizza in the city.

Welcome to Denver, the Mile-High City!


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