Moving from Irvine, CA to Dallas, TX

Moving from Irvine, CA to Dallas, TX

Home to 212,375, Irvine will soon be your “previous” place of residence. Dallas is the third largest city in Texas with nearly 1,200,000 residents. The city belongs to the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, which incorporates 6,371,773 residents between three cities. Dallas is known everywhere for the Cowboys, the Mavericks, and above all the shopping! With an economic emphasis on banking, commerce, telecommunications, energy, computer technology, transportation, logistics, and medical research, this North Texas metropolis has the third largest Fortune 500 Company concentration in the nation. Prepare yourself for Irvine times six!

The trip from Irvine to Dallas

  • A drive to Dallas will cost you 20.5 hours of your time once you cross 1,422 miles through three states (and a quick detour through México)!
  • Once you cross the California/Arizona border, your journey truly begins. Be ready to make some stops along the way, notably in Phoenix, Tucson, Ciudad Juarez, and even Fort Worth before arrival!
  • Check in early with on-the-road fun in Phoenix at Stratum Lasertag, an 18,000-square foot laser combat arena that’s perfect for any age. If you stop in Tucson, you must see the Carnival of Illusion.
  • American Orient Express in Ciudad Juarez offers paintball and tapas within family-friendly Copper Canyon. Finally, Kimbell Art Museum in Fort Worth offers art from Monet, Picasso, Bernini, & more!

The weather in Dallas

  • Despite being located in a region that’s prone to warm, dry summer winds, Dallas has a humid subtropical climate that tends to elicit some of the highest summer temperatures in the country.
  • 96 F is the average high temperature for July, with a record high of 115 F in August. Winter lows average in the high 30s, though there are as many as 26 nights per year at or below freezing!
  • Expect pleasantly volatile weather in the springtime, as well as 37 inches of precipitation per year. May is the wettest month, but October is a close second for the most rainfall in a month.
  • You’ve probably guessed by now that there’s not much snowfall in Dallas…ever. However, because the temperatures can dip down below freezing, winter months can see nearly 2 inches per year!

Navigating Dallas

  • Your best bet for navigating Dallas painlessly is to just drive. However, if you’re one to play your part in helping cut down emissions there is an extensive system of public transportation available.
  • Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) operates buses and light rail within Dallas and the surrounding region. While the bus system can be confusing, the light rail is straightforward and convenient.
  • Located smack dab in the middle of four major interstate highways, Dallas is set up in the popular hub-and-spoke system of roadways. Keep and eye out for Interstates 20, 30, 35E, and 45.
  • If you plan on flying into Dallas, DFW will accommodate your needs with shuttle service to the nearest remote lot. Your options for getting downtown start there, or you can choose a Dallas Taxi!

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Schools in Dallas

  • The Dallas Independent School District is one of the largest in the country, serving 158,126 students across 28 high schools, 32 middle schools, more than 150 elementary schools, and more.
  • Besides DISD, there are a total of 337 public schools, 89 private schools, 38 colleges, and 32 libraries in Dallas, an innumerable amount when compared to Irvine. May your education prosper!
  • Some of the most notable centers for higher education in Dallas include the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School, Texas Women’s University, Paul Quinn College, and Criswell College!

Food & fun in Dallas

  • Make your new life in Dallas first with some of the best dining options available anywhere, as well as countless activities to do with the whole family or more intimately—it’s your choice in Dallas!
  • A local favorite among Dallasites, Kenny’s Wood Fired Grill is a steakhouse famous for its popover bread—try the stuffed fish! Or, you can sample fun new cheeses and have sandwiches at Scardello!
  • A night at The French Room will be one to remember, with food “to die for” at the right price—try the five-course tasting menu! For mountains of meat and $20 dinner buffets, the word is Vila Brazil.
  • Shopping is huge in Dallas, with malls like the Galleria, NorthPark, West Village, Grapevine Mills, and more. For more unconventional fun, check out Joe Pool Lake or plan a weekend for the Dallas Zoo!

It’s time to start moving from Irvine to Dallas!