Moving from Irvine, CA to Boise, ID

So you’re thinking about moving from Irvine, CA to Boise, ID?

Irvine, California, is essentially a suburb of Los Angeles. It lies on the outskirts of the Los Angeles metropolitan area, closer to Anaheim than LA, but it still has a lot in common with the nearby metro. Irvine is about as California as a city can get. There comes a point, though, when even sunshine and warmth, tops down and flip flops can become a little old. Sometimes you need to change things up and find a city that has a different personality. Idaho can seem like it is a completely polar environment to California, and, in truth, it is. Though this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Besides, a cross country, due north move can provide a wealth of riches. Boise, Idaho, is a very traditional town. It’s a very typical American city. It has numerous advantages that one comes to expect from big populations, but it also moves at a slightly slower, more leisurely pace than Southern California. There are many reasons why you might want to move to Boise from Irvine, so let’s review just a few of those.

What is the weather like in Boise?

It can get to be very warm in Southern California. In fact, it actually get to be very hot. It is not unusual for Irvine residents to experience days that top 100 degrees during the summer. The traffic is typically so bad, as well, it’s not even worth traveling to the beach for relief. Boise is a much, much cooler environment. The annual temperature is typically just about 63 degrees. It receives similarly scant snowfall to Irvine, with about 11 inches falling down each year. Boise has a very chilly winter. This is something that might come as a shock to Californians, but it is incredible to truly experience the beauty of winter in a rurally-based city like Boise. Snowfall comes like clockwork every year, with a little under 20 inches typically occurring. What’s great about this average number is that it is far below that of the national average. So one can experience all the benefits of a winter wonderland without becoming aggravated by snow shovels and heavy winter coats. This is going to be a jarring climate change if you’re used to Irvine weather, but, in the end, between the beautiful winters and pleasant summers, Boise will win you over.

What is the economy like in Boise?

The great Los Angeles metropolitan area certainly has more than enough going on with its economy. The entertainment industry sprawls across the area in every way possible, from music to television to fashion to films. Boise’s economy is completely different, but there is plenty to keep its residents employed in exciting industries. WinCoFoods is one of the larger companies based in the town. Alertsons and are also headquartered in the city. Since it is the capital city of Idaho, the state itself is the largest employer. Some other top companies include St. Luke’s Health System, Micron Technology, Hewlett-Packard, Simplot, and Wal-Mart. It is considered one of the top cities in the nation for startup businesses. Time has noted that it is one of the town’s that’s “getting it right” in a piece they wrote on “Solutions for America.” Forbes has also placed it as one of the top places for businesses and careers. That’s not where the city’s honors stop, Outside Magazine has called Boise one of the 10 best cities in the country, while Farmers Insurance named it the most secure place to call home in the nation. Men’s Health has also named it the top city in America for men. Between the diverse economy and the accolades, there’s little not to recommend about Boise.

Boise State University

Boise also benefits from being a very educated college town. There are many different educational avenues one can trod in Boise, but perhaps the most exciting is Boise State University. Boise has more than 22,000 students. Its campus makes up one of the most picturesque portions of the city. Founded as a private, Episcopal junior college in 1932, it has since grown into a large public institution. Ranked as one of the top regional universities by U.S. News & World Report, the college’s campus is located along the Boise River and next to both Downtown Boise and Julia Davis Park. Some of the key buildings include the Albertsons Library, the Morrison Center and the Student Union Building. The Boise State Broncos are the Division 1 NCAA athletic program at the school, and the locals love to root on the team across the many Mountain West Conference games they participate in.

So who’s from Boise?

Many interesting and famous people have come from Boise, Idaho. If you’re coming from Southern California, an area that is known for popular personalities, you’ll definitely be glad to know that Boise has had no shortage of interesting residents. Some of these people include gold medalist-cycler Kristin Armstrong, MLB pitcher Stephen Fife, NFL player Ernie Hughes, musician Paul Revere, and Oscar-winning actor George Kennedy.

Your Boise Move

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Welcome to Boise, ID!

What are you waiting for? Boise is one of the most pleasant cities you could possibly live in. So leave Irvine behind for beautiful Boise today!