Moving from Houston, TX to Salt Lake City, UT

Move from Houston to Salt Lake City and enjoy a diverse way of life

Whether it’s a new marriage, new job, or new scenery that’s calling you to move from Houston, TX to Salt Lake City, UT, we know you’re going to love it here. Get ready to leave behind the crowded streets and extremely populated neighborhoods in exchange for a calmer, less populated way of life. Salt Lake serves roughly 190,000 residents within the city’s 110.4 square miles. While living in Salt Lake City, you’ll find all the amenities and modern resources of the big city housed in a community that maintains the charm of a quaint, small town. We know Houston is a city that embraces diversity, and you’ll be pleased to know Salt Lake City does, too. We’re glad you’re choosing to move from Houston to Salt Lake because around here, we believe this city is Utah’s “Greatest Snow on Earth”.

Strong Economy and Low Unemployment Rate

Houston has a strong economy driven by the oil, gas, and energy industry, but once you move from Houston to Salt Lake City, you’ll find this economy is supported by government, tourism, and professional businesses. Because Salt Lake is the capital city, you’ll find a large presence of local, state, and federal government jobs. The city is also home to major companies like AlphaGraphics, Sinclair Oil Corporation, Adobe, ColcaSac, L-3 Communications, and RBS Securities. The city is also a hot bed for business conventions and meetings. We have a very service-oriented economy in Salt Lake and invite you to come find your place among us and discover why we have a low unemployment rate.

The Area’s Natural Beauty

We can assure you that a move from Houston to Salt Lake City will come with both climate and geography changes. Get ready to leave behind the hot, humid climate of Texas for the mild, arid climate known to Utah. You can expect to have cold winters complete with snow covered yards, so you’ll definitely want to invest in some winter gear like coats, gloves, boots, and hats. The surrounding area is laden with beautiful scenery in every direction so be ready to wake up each day to a magnificent view of the mountains. The area is surrounded by national state parks like Wasatch-Cache National Forest, Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area, and the Timpanogos Cave National Monument. Moving from Houston to Salt Lake City opens you to a world of natural treasures.

Salt Lake City’s Entertainment Scene

Once you move from Houston to Salt Lake City you’ll be able to enjoy a variety of entertainment and recreation along with fine dining and shopping. But, a life in Salt Lake City wouldn’t be complete without exploring the great outdoors. This is the city for hiking, biking, fishing, boating, camping, and kayaking. The ski resorts are phenomenal and provide you the perfect places to speed down the slopes on powder like snow. When you need a short break from outdoor adventures, take a break by cheering on the Utah Jazz. No matter how you like to unwind, a move from Houston to Salt Lake City will provide you a place to de-stress, relax, and enjoy life.

Moving from Houston to Salt Lake City on a Budget

It’s quite a drive from Houston to Salt Lake City – almost 1,500 miles. Instead of trying to drive your belongings in a rental truck, let U-Pack® handle the driving for you. Since rental trucks don’t get prime fuel economy, the fuel alone in a truck could wreck your budget. Or, you could move with U-Pack. A U-Pack moving quote includes the cost of fuel, so you don’t have to worry about shelling out tons of money at the pump. U-Pack delivers your belongings door to door or you can save by loading at a service center. It’s an easy, affordable way to move. Start planning a move today by getting your own moving quote.