Moving from Houston, TX to Nashville, TN

Are you moving from Houston, TX to Nashville, TX?

Nashville, TN is city located on the Cumberland River in an amazingly beautiful region of Tennessee. The city is also famous for being a center of the American music industry, specifically the country-western music industry. Known throughout history for being a fast-growing city with a strong economy, moving to Nashville means being a part of one of the hippest towns in the South!

What can you find after moving from Houston to Nashville?

The following information will give you everything you need to see to see why moving from Houston, TX to Nashville, TN will be the best decision you have ever made!

  • Climate – Nashville experiences a climate with hot, humid summers, and cold winters with generous amounts of rainfall placed evenly throughout the year. The area has summer highs in the upper 80s (much nicer than the 100+ you will see in Houston!), and winter lows in the low 30s, as well as almost 48 inches of rainfall, and 5 inches of snow annually.
  • Education – The city is served by the Metropolitan Nashville Public School Systems, which enrolls over 74,000 students K through 12. Nashville schools are consistently ranked in top 50 spots in the nation, and some of the best in Tennessee. Nashville is also frequently nicknamed the “Athens of the South” for the prevalence of colleges and universities in the city. There are dozens of great colleges in the city offering degrees in a wide variety of disciplines.
  • Entertainment – The city has over 10,000 acres of land designated to public parks, and outdoor recreation areas, including Centennial Park which a full-scale reconstruction of the Greek Parthenon. Much of the culture in Nashville revolves around the colleges and universities that are in the city, which bring semi-professional and professional performing groups into the city continuously throughout the year. Being a center for the music industry, Nashville is famous for its musical groups, which span from small country-western bands, to amazing wind ensembles.
  • Economy – The largest part of the Nashville economy is based on the music company, in fact Nashville is the second largest music producer in the U.S. next to New York, and brings in around $6.4 billion, and over 19,000 jobs into the region annually. The second largest part of the Nashville economy is healthcare, with more than 250 healthcare companies based in Nashville. The automotive industry is also becoming increasingly important to the middle Tennessee region and provides a large amount of income and jobs into the Nashville economy.

Welcome to Beautiful Nashville!

The city is historically known for having a strong economy and today is no different; the city’s economy only continues to grow even stronger. You will absolutely love your new home when moving from Houston to Nashville!

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