Moving from Chicago, IL to St. Louis, MO

Planning a move from the Windy City to the Gateway to the West

If you’re fretting leaving behind your friends and family in Chicago when you move to St. Louis, don’t worry! The two cities are only about 300 miles apart — or a 4 ½ hour drive — so it’s easy to go back for a visit. And while there are things you’ll surely miss in Chicago, like deep-dish pizza, shopping, or entertainment options, St. Louis offers a lot to get excited about, as well! Read on to learn about your new home and see how U-Pack® can help you with your move. 

Is it easy to get around in St. Louis?

St. Louis is a big city, but it’s pretty easy to get around. If you’re using your own vehicle to get around, you won’t be stuck in traffic long. According to research firm INRIX, which ranks St. Louis as the 50th most congested city in the country, St. Louis drivers only spend about 30 minutes a day in traffic. If you don’t own a vehicle and relied on public transit to get around in Chicago, you’re in luck. Public transportation is readily available in St. Louis, as well. The city offers rail and bus transit that provides access to neighborhoods, attractions and shopping districts all over the area. 

What are the major industries there?

Both cities are major hubs for the commerce, finance and health care industries. Chicago is considered one of the top financial centers in the world. In St. Louis, the city is home to major employers in the aviation and health care field. Employment opportunities also exist in tourism, real estate, retail and more. 

Must-do activities in St. Louis

Don’t miss out on these must-do activities in your new city: 

  • Try the toasted ravioli, frozen custard, gooey butter cake, or St. Louis-style barbecue when you get into town.
  • Go to a Cardinals game at Busch Stadium (the Cubs are in town a lot!), visit the Saint Louis Art Museum, take a trip to the Arch, or try out other family-friendly activities in the city like Grant’s Farm, the Saint Louis Zoo, the Missouri Botanical Garden or the City Museum.
  • Celebrate the Fourth of July at Fair Saint Louis — an annual arts and music festival that draws talent and exhibits from all over the world.

Choose U-Pack® for your move to St. Louis

Need a quick and easy way to move from Chicago to St. Louis? Try U-Pack! Through our network of service centers, we can easily move your household goods from Chicago to St. Louis. With our self-move service, you pack, load and unload, and we do the driving. Get a free online quote or call us at 844-362-5303844-594-3077.