Moving from Chicago, IL to Salt Lake City, UT

Moving from Chicago to Salt Lake City 

Headed from The Windy City to SLC? You’re sure to miss Chicago’s art scene, hot dogs and sports, but there’s a lot to love about your new home. With scenic views, endless business opportunities and higher education options, SLC is a great place to live, work and learn. Keep reading to see why moving from Chicago to Salt Lake City could be the best thing you ever do! 

What to Expect in SLC 

Salt Lake City has a lot to offer! You can expect: 

More Personal Space 

Salt Lake City is home to a little over 200,000 people compared to Chicago’s 2.7 million residents. Hello, personal space! 

An Abundance of Snow 

As a Chicagoan, you’re no stranger to the snow. Frigid winters and a lot of snow are the norms. So when the snow starts falling in Salt Lake City (and doesn’t stop), you’ll feel right at home. On average, SLC gets 23 inches more of snow each year. On the bright side, blizzards are rare. 

Spectacular Views 

Do you love staring at the Chicago skyline with Lake Michigan as a backdrop? It’s a beautiful sight indeed, but you’ll see even better views in Salt Lake City. Sitting at 4,300 feet above sea level, SLC offers some of the state’s most stunning landscapes. Gaze at the Great Salt Lake as the sun disappears behind the mountains. To the east and west, look upon magnificent, snow-capped mountains. Breath-taking views are all around. 

Incredible Outdoor Adventures 

Will you miss kayaking Lake Michigan? What about hiking at Starved Rock State Park? It’s OK; you’ll soon see that what SLC offers is far from disappointing. Have fun exploring these places: 

  • Utah Olympic Park. This park was built for the 2002 Winter Olympics. It now has year-round activities like bobsledding, luge, skiing, tubing and zip lining.  
  • The Great Salt Lake. It may not be as big as Lake Michigan, but it’ll stay take your breath away. Locals enjoy kayaking, paddle boarding and of course, floating. 
  • Grandeur Peak. Hike to the summit of Grandeur Peak for the best views of the Salt Lake Valley. The trail is 6.5 miles roundtrip, so be sure to take some water and snacks.  

How to move from Chicago to Salt Lake City 

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