Moving from Chicago, IL to New York, NY

Moving from the Windy City to the Empire City   

What will you miss most about Chicago? Cheering on the Cubs? The famous deep-dish pizzas? The tall skyscrapers and Lake Michigan Beaches? Whatever it is, rest-assured New York City won’t disappoint in making up for it! But while some things may seem familiar, there are some differences when moving from Chicago to NYC. 


Because of its location on Lake Michigan, Chicago has frigid winters. The temperatures may have often been in the negatives. Though winters in NYC are chilly, they aren’t typically as cold. New York also receives less snow and rain on average. Summers in both cities are usually hot and humid. 

Major Industries 

Both metropolises are major hubs for the publishing and finance industries. But, you’ll find that NYC’s economy also benefits from trade, healthcare, real estate, and retail. So if you’re moving to NYC to seek new job opportunities, you’ll have a vast variety to choose from.

Iconic Foods   

Chicago is famous for so many foods. The mentioned deep-dish pizza, but also their hot dogs, Italian beef sandwiches and Gyros. Is your mouth watering yet? You may be leaving delicious food behind, but NYC offers a plethora of signature dishes. Try New York’s spin on hot dogs topped with sauerkraut and onions. Taste the pizza at Lombardi’s — it has a taste you won’t forget. Other notable foods are the New York-style bagels and pastramis. Your taste buds will thank you!  

Moving from Chicago to NYC 

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