Moving from Chicago, IL to Nashville, TN

Moving from Chicago to Nashville

You’ve called Chicago home for some time now. And it’s been a wonderful place to live. You’ll miss summers on Lake Michigan and how the skyline lights the city at night. But moving to Nashville is no reason to be sad! From free concerts and fantastic food to a growing job market and cheering on the Tennessee Titans, find out why nearly 700,000 people call Nashville home.  

Compare Climates 

Summertime in Nashville will remind you of Chicago. It’s hot and humid, and thunderstorms are likely. Winter is when you’ll notice a big difference. Temperatures are mild with a few cold snaps that produce snow. But unlike Chicago, which receives an average of 36 inches of snow per year, Nashville typically gets 3 to 4 inches. Nashville falls are the best. The temps are great and the foliage is beautiful.

Business Opportunities 

It’s no secret that Chicago has one of the most diversified and stable economies in the country. But, Nashville is no second-best. The city is the center of the music industry and is also a major hub for health care, banking and transportation. Big businesses with headquarters here are Bridgestone Americas, Dollar General and LifeWay Christian Resources. 


Chicago hosts a variety of festivals, but they’re nothing like what you’ll experience in Nashville. True to its nickname “Music City,” Nashville is home to many of the country’s most popular celebrations. From music and auto fests to food and craft fairs, there’s something for everyone to enjoy! As a new Nashvillian, have fun at these major events: 

  • Nashville Film Festival 
  • CMA Music Festival 
  • Let Freedom Sing! 
  • Brew at the Zoo 
  • Southern Festival of Books 

Need Help Moving?

U-Pack® is a great option for moving from Chicago to Nashville. With service centers in or near both cities, we provide fast transit times! Plus, the process is simple: You pack and load, and we deliver. See how much your move to Nashville will cost with a free online quote, or call 844-362-5303844-594-3077.