Moving from Chicago, IL to Denver, CO

Moving from Chicago to Denver

Moving 1,000 miles west is a big endeavor. As you say goodbye to Chicago and its beaches, hot dogs and skyline, say hello to new adventures in Denver! From its smaller population and healthy job market to the enjoyable weather and outdoor activities, there’s a lot to look forward to in the Mile High City. The best part about living in Denver? The views. Enjoy panoramic scenes of the beautiful Rocky Mountains from wherever you are. Keep reading to learn more about living in Colorado’s capital city and how to move there. 

What to Expect When Living in the Mile High City 

Fewer People 

If you’re a fan of having more personal space, you’ll like Denver. The city has a population of about 716,000, which is significantly less than Chicago’s population of 2.7 million. 

More Snow and Sunshine

As a Chicago resident, you’re no stranger to the snow, which is good considering Denver averages 57 inches of snow yearly compared to Chicago’s 37 inches. On the bright side, the Mile High City averages 245 sunny days, while the Windy City only averages 189. You’ll also experience warmer summer temps. 

Less Time Commuting 

Tired of wasting time in traffic? Good news — living in Denver means spending less time behind the wheel! The 2018 INRIX Traffic Scorecard found that Denver drivers lose 83 hours in congestion per year, while Chicago drivers lose 138 hours. Here’s to having 55 more hours to do what you want!  

Greater Career Opportunities 

Denver’s healthy job market has been a huge draw for newcomers. While Chicago is experiencing a decline in recent job growth, Denver has increased by 2.75%. And between the two cities, Denver also has a lower unemployment rate (2.7% compared to 4.5%) and a higher average income ($34,400 per year vs. $28,600 per year). 

Even Better Outdoor Activities 

Rock climbing at Maggie Daley Park, biking The 606 and jet skiing on Lake Michigan might be some of your favorite current activities. But they won’t compare to the adventures you can experience in Denver! Your new city is a haven for outdoor adventure with some of the best rafting, climbing and skiing anywhere. Here are some fun things to do: 

  • Enjoy a scenic bike ride on Cherry Creek Bike Path’s 42 miles of paved trails. 
  • Explore 5,289 acres of legendary slopes at Vail Mountain Resort. 
  • Hike more than 400 square miles of protected land at Rocky Mountain National Park. 
  • Experience true rock climbing in Boulder Mountain Park. 

How to Move from Chicago to Denver 

Using U-Pack® is an easy and affordable way to move long-distance. Our “you pack, we drive” method means you pack and load, but we’ll drive your belongings. And with service centers in or near both locations, our transit times are fast. See how much a move from Chicago to Denver will cost by getting a free online quote or calling 844-362-5303844-594-3077.

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