Moving from Chicago, IL to Boston, MA

Moving from Chicago to Boston

Considering a move from Chicago to Boston? While you’re sure to miss Chicago’s great food, endless entertainment and shopping options, and great neighborhoods, you’ll fall in love with what Boston has to offer. Boston has a similar upbeat pace you’re accustomed to in Chicago, but the city is smaller and has fewer people (about 685,000). The city has a strong, stable economy, great restaurants, a good job market and plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation. There’s also plenty of history in the city — a large seaport that helps power the local economy — and excellent schools. Learn more about how the two cities compare and see how U-Pack® can help you move across the country.

Chicago vs. Boston

Chicago is one of America’s greatest cities, but there’s a lot to enjoy about living in Boston, too! See how the two cities stack up against each other: 

How do the job markets compare?

Chicago and Boston are both considered economic hubs in their respective regions. And, both cities rely on several industries to power the economy. In Boston, for example, residents work in sectors like education, tourism, transportation and manufacturing. And if you worked in financial services in Chicago, you’re in luck when you move to Boston. The city plays a vital role in the financial services industry, particularly with mutual funds and insurance. 

How is the weather in Boston?

It gets cold in Boston, but winters there are not nearly as frigid as they are in Chicago. Winters in Boston are cold and snowy, with overnight temps frequently dipping below freezing, but daytime temps are often above the freezing mark. There are also periods of heavy snow in the winter in Boston. Summers are warm and humid in Boston, while springs are temperate and rainy, and autumns are crisp and cool. 

How’s the food in Boston?

If you’re a foodie, you’ll love Boston! The city offers cuisine for every palate and menus for every budget. If you’re craving brunch, check out Tress Gatos and its Spanish- and Jamaican-inspired menu. Or head to Bar Mezzana, which features Italian delicacies and has orange umbrellas lining the sidewalk patio. If you’re vegan, try the varied seasonal dishes at True Bistro or the Asian-inspired cuisine at Zhu Pan-Asian Vegan Cuisine. Looking for good pizza? Try Santarpio’s Pizza on Chelsea Street. For the budget-friendly diners, you’ve got plenty of choices, but Piperi Mediterranean Grill or Galleria Umberto are pretty hard to beat. Planning a date night? You can’t go wrong with the French-American dishes at Deuxave or the elegant Italian flavors at Grotto.  

What’s there to do in Boston?

There’s a lot to do and see. If you’re an active, outdoorsy person, enjoy the many parks that make up the Emerald Necklace (including Boston Common), which is 1,100 acres connecting nine fabulous parks via waterways and parkways. Of course, Bostonians also love to stroll along the Freedom Trail, which is 2.5 miles of history and beauty. Then, there’s Charles River that provides playgrounds, live music and public art along the shoreline as well as sailing and rowing along the river itself.

Are you an avid Chicago sports fan? You could see your favorite teams from the Windy City when they’re in town to play the Boston teams! The city has a team in five professional sports leagues: the Red Sox of MLB, the Bruins of the NHL, the Celtics of the NBA, the Patriots of the NFL and the Revolution of the MLS. Want to learn a little history or see some art? Boston has you covered there, as well! The city has an abundance of museums and historical features around the city for you to enjoy! Whatever you’re looking for, Boston surely has something to pique your interest!

Move from Chicago to Boston with U-Pack

U-Pack makes long-distance moving easy! Here’s how moving with us works: You pack and load your belongings, and we’ll handle the driving. We can deliver your belongings from Chicago to Boston in just 2-5 business days thanks to a network of service centers across the country! Get a free online quote or call 844-362-5303844-594-3077 to see how much your move will cost.