Moving from Charleston, SC to San Diego, CA

Moving from Charleston, South Carolina to San Diego, California

Compared to Charleston’s population of 120,083, San Diego is much bigger with a population of over 1.3 million! San Diego is not only the second-largest city in California, but it is also the eighth-largest city in the whole country. So, if you’re moving from Charleston to San Diego, you’ll go through quite a few changes. Don’t worry about San Diego’s size though! You’ll love living in this beautiful city that has amazing weather all year long and new things to try every day!

Getting from Charleston to San Diego:

Driving from Charleston to San Diego will take quite a long time if you choose to do so. San Diego is over 2,400 miles from Charleston which will take you about 40 hours to drive! So, you might want to stop at a few cities along the way, and you could even plan a mini-vacation for yourself! You’ll be passing through cities such as Jackson, MS where you can visit the Jackson Zoo or the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science and Tucson, AZ where you can visit Trail Dust Town, a historic shopping center that includes a shopping mall, several historical artifacts and the Museum of the Horse Soldier. Then, you’ll soon be in San Diego!

San Diego’s Climate

Fortunately, moving from Charleston to San Diego means that you’ll be moving to a city that has one of the nicest climates in the world! Compared to Charleston’s average yearly temperatures of 66 F, San Diego’s average yearly temperature is just slightly cooler at 64 F. San Diego’s summers are warm and dry with average high temperatures in the mid-70s, and winters are mild and wet with average low temperatures in the high 40s and no snow at all. In fact, snow is so rare in San Diego that it has only been recorded five times in over 150 years! Additionally, San Diego experiences low precipitation each year with about 10.3 inches.

Transportation in San Diego

Because more than 80 percent of residents in San Diego drive, you may choose commute by driving; however, you also have other options for transportation. Similar to the Charleston Area Regional Transportation Authority, the Metropolitan Transit System provides San Diego with trolleys and buses. The trolleys mainly run routes in and near the downtown area, and the buses mainly run routes in the central part of the city. Bicycling is also a popular way to commute in San Diego, especially in the downtown areas, because of the bicycle routes on many of the roads and the beautiful year-round weather!

Education in San Diego

If you’re moving from Charleston to San Diego with children who attend public school, they’ll be moving from a district that has an enrollment of over 45,000 students to a district that has an enrollment of over 132,000 students. Although it may take a little time for your kids to adjust to the size of San Diego’s schools, it won’t be long before they feel like they fit right in! The San Diego Unified School District provides San Diego with public schools and consists of 118 elementary schools, nine K-8 schools, 24 middle schools, 26 high schools, 44 charter schools and 14 atypical/alternative schools. Additionally, San Diego is home to several great colleges and universities including San Diego State University; the University of California, San Diego; San Diego City College; and more!

Recreation in San Diego

Moving from Charleston to San Diego will open you up to so many new opportunities to have fun in your new home! To enjoy the beauty of the city, check out one of the many beaches such as Pacific Beach, La Jolla Shores, Mission Beach and more! If you’re looking for some family friendly fun, check out Balboa Park which is a beautiful urban cultural park that includes walking paths, shops, museums, restaurants, theaters and the San Diego Zoo; SeaWorld San Diego; or Belmont Park, an oceanfront amusement park that includes several fun rides and an indoor swimming pool!

If you love sports, San Diego is home to the San Diego Chargers of the National Football League as well as the Major League Baseball team, the San Diego Padres. Additionally, college sports, rugby, golf and soccer are also popular in the city.

For those who love the arts, San Diego is home to the San Diego Symphony, the San Diego Opera, the Old Globe Theatre and the San Diego Repertory Theatre. Of course, San Diego also has several great museums including the San Diego Museum of Art, the San Diego Natural History Museum and the Museum of Man. You’ll certainly never run out of fun!

Welcome to San Diego, “America’s Finest City”! You’re going to love moving from Charleston to San Diego!


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