Moving from Boston, MA to Los Angeles, CA

Moving from Boston, Massachusetts to Los Angeles, California

If you’re moving from Boston to Los Angeles, you’ll be going through some pretty big changes. Although Boston is known as the “Capital of New England,” it is considerably smaller than Los Angeles. While Boston has a population of 625,087, Los Angeles is much bigger with a population of 3,792,621. However, moving to the second-largest city in the United States will open you up to a whole new world of possibilities. Los Angeles has some of the best places to explore, sites to see and new experiences to try out! It won’t be long before you feel like Los Angeles is your home!

Getting from Boston to Los Angeles and more:

Although flying from Boston to Los Angeles is the faster way to get there, you may choose to drive which would provide you with the chance to see various cities all across the U.S.! Los Angeles is almost 3,000 miles from Boston, so if you’re driving, you’ll be on the road for a total of 48 hours! However, you’ll be able to stop and visit some great cities along the way and even have a kind of mini vacation! The first city you might want to check out is Cleveland, OH, where you can visit the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame or the Cleveland Museum of Natural History. You’ll also be going through Denver, CO, where you can visit Downtown Aquarium or the Denver Zoo. Shortly before you make it to Los Angeles, you’ll also be passing through Las Vegas, NV, where you can, of course, visit several hotel casinos or see sites such as the water fountains at Bellagio or the replica of the Eiffel Tower, Paris Las Vegas. Then, before you know it, you’ll be in your new home!

Weather in Los Angeles

Moving from Boston to Los Angeles means that you’ll have to get used to weather that’s pretty different from what you’re used to. Fortunately, though, Los Angeles has one of the best climates in the whole country! While Boston has an average yearly temperature of 52 F with warm summers and cold winters, Los Angeles has an average yearly temperature of 65 F with moderate temperatures all year long. Los Angeles’s average highs in the summer are usually in the low 80s, and average lows in the summer are usually in the high 40s. Los Angeles also receives about 14.93 inches of rain each year.

Transportation in Los Angeles

The majority of residents in Los Angeles drive rather than take public transportation. However, traffic congestion is a major problem in the city, particularly during rush hours. The city is connected to several major freeways and highways that make getting all around the city and to nearby areas easier. So, if you’re used to driving in Boston, it may take a little time for you to get used to the traffic congestion in Los Angeles. If you preferred taking public transportation in Boston, it may be a little harder for you in Los Angeles since the city is more spread out. However, the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority offers a variety of options for public transportation including several buses, subway, light rail lines, and a commuter rail system.

Education in Los Angeles

Although a small part of the city is served by the Las Virgenes Unified School District, almost all of Los Angeles is served by the Los Angeles Unified School District. Los Angeles Unified School District has an enrollment of over 640,000 students and over 900 schools. Compared to the Boston Public Schools enrollment of over 57,000 students, Los Angeles Unified School District is much, much bigger. So, if you have children that you are moving from Boston to Los Angeles with, it may take them a little time to get used to going to school in Los Angeles. However, it won’t be long before your children feel right at home! For those seeking higher education, Los Angeles is home to great universities such as California State University and University of California, Los Angeles.

Arts and Culture in Los Angeles

Like Boston, Los Angeles is home to several great places to experience the culture and artistic community of the city. If you’re a person who loves exploring museum exhibits, Los Angeles is the right place for you! The city offers the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the Museum of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the California African American Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County and the Museum of Tolerance.

Los Angeles also has many attractions that represent the city’s rich film history including the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Grauman’s Chinese Theatre and Grauman’s Egyptian Theatre. Additionally, the city hosts several film festivals each year including the Los Angeles Film Festival and the Bel Air Film Festival.

For those who love the performing arts, Los Angeles is home to many groups such as the Los Angeles Philharmonic, the Los Angeles Master Chorale, Center Theatre Group and the Los Angeles Opera where you can see performing arts at their finest. You’ll never run out of fun things to do when you move to Los Angeles!

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