Moving from Austin, TX to Seattle, WA

From Lady Bird Lake to Puget Sound

Seattle has it all: pine forests, majestic mountains and black sand beaches. It’s lush compared to the Texas prairie around Austin, but it’s also a bustling metro area packed with just about anything you want. If you’re moving from Austin, TX to Washington, here’s what you can expect. 

Geography and weather

Seattle offers lots of opportunities for outdoor adventure. Even though Austin is in Texas Hill country, Seattle is known as one of the hilliest cities in the nation! Its Pacific Northwest location provides residents with a more varied landscape and cooler temps. On average, Seattle is usually around 10-15 degrees cooler than Austin in most seasons. Gone are the 100-plus degree summer days; instead, you’ll enjoy average July highs in the upper 70s to mid-80s. You’ll likely also experience some winter snowfall.  Many people think that Seattle is extremely rainy. While it does have its share of overcast, misty days, the average total rainfall is only a few inches more than Austin per year. 

Lifestyle differences

Much like Austin, Seattle has a “keep it weird” slogan, mirroring that offbeat, fun and quirky attitude in the city. While Austin is known more to be a college town, Seattle is more of an urban environment (that has colleges, too). They are both vibrant and growing cities. After moving to Seattle from Austin, you can still enjoy museums, music venues and sports (though it’s more likely to be professional rather than college). In both places, smoking is banned in public places, so you can enjoy the fresh air when exploring your new hometown.

Food and entertainment

Much like Austin, there is a prominent local food scene in Seattle. However, it’s less likely to be barbecue or tacos and more likely to be seafood or Asian food. One thing you may notice in Seattle is coffee at every turn! Of course, it’s home to the very first Starbucks and the company’s headquarters, but there are wonderful local spots, too. Most shops have their own specialty, so ask the barista what to try. Whether it’s amazing espresso or a special latte, there’s plenty of unique drinks to keep you warm on those drizzly days. 

One other major change you’ll notice in Seattle is the lack of H-E-B. This Texas Institution almost seems like a way of life here, with the stores specializing in groceries and food to fit their eclectic neighborhoods. In Seattle, you’ll find plenty of grocery stores, including Whole Foods. Even though Whole Foods’ headquarters is in Austin, the franchise has a strong presence in Seattle. And for local fare, don’t forget to head to Pike Place Market — which is a permanent farmer’s market — for seafood, produce and other goodies.

Make Seattle your new home!

Whether you’re moving long-distance for cooler summers, a new job opportunity or a change of pace, Seattle has so much to offer. You’re going to like it here!

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