Moving from Austin, TX, to Los Angeles, CA

What to Expect on a Move from Austin to L.A.

You know Austin for its distinctive culture. The capital city of Texas has a thriving culinary scene and is considered the live music capital of the world. It also has a highly-educated, highly-skilled workforce and is a regional economic hub.

So what about Los Angeles? It’s just as similar to Austin as it is different. Both cities offer endless entertainment and dining options, great school districts and higher learning institutions, and an abundance of family-friendly activities. But L.A. offers something that Austin doesn’t have — the trademark California weather and lifestyle, and access to the beautiful beaches along the Pacific Coast.

If you’re considering a move from Austin to the City of Angels, there are some other things to keep in mind. 

Why Los Angeles?

There’s a lot to look forward to when relocating your family to Los Angeles — including many similarities to Austin that should help ease the transition. Here’s what to expect:

Change in climate

Overall, the weather is much more comfortable in L.A. Much like in Austin, Los Angeles has a warm climate, but L.A. gets more sunny days, fewer rainy days and milder winters. On average, Los Angeles gets around 280 sunny days per year (compared to the almost 230 in Austin). But you’ll get a reprieve from the Austin summer heat because of L.A.’s proximity to the ocean. Winter in L.A. is mild and rainy, with temperatures hovering around 60 degrees. The chance of snow in L.A. is very slim.  

Food and entertainment options

What did you like to do in Austin? Attend concerts? Watch live sporting events? Sample local culinary delicacies? Take the kids to the park, the zoo, or museums? Whatever you liked in Austin, L.A. is sure to have it. Los Angeles is considered a cultural mecca and is home to more than 100 museums, plenty of kid-friendly activities, more than 76,000 eating and drinking establishments, music venues and sports galore and so much more. If you want to escape from the city, unwind at one of the eight local beaches along the L.A.’s Pacific Coast.  

Population comparison

If you’ve lived in Austin long enough, you’ve no doubt grown accustomed to living in a bustling metropolitan area. Austin is home to about 950,000 people, making it the fourth-most populated city in Texas and the 11th-most populated city in the country. L.A., however, is an entirely different animal, population-wise. It’s the nation’s second-largest city and is home to nearly 4 million residents. People are drawn to the city because of the sunny weather, the chance to see Hollywood celebrities, and access to all kinds of amenities and fun activities.

Fun fact: L.A.’s population is diverse, as well. Did you know the city is home to people from over 140 countries and 224 languages? Expand your horizons and immerse yourself in different cultures while living here!

Job markets share a common thread

Austin is a hub for innovation. Many residents there work in fields like advanced manufacturing, digital media, life sciences, and technology. If you work in those fields in Austin and are seeking employment in L.A., you’re in luck. Los Angeles and Austin have similar job markets. Tourism and the service industry are leading economic contributors. But L.A. is the base for many cutting-edge companies in other fields like fashion, digital and mixed media, the arts, transportation, technology, and publishing. 

Cost of living difference

The abundant entertainment options, deep job market and overall thrill of Los Angeles creates a high demand to live in the City of Angels. Therefore L.A. is, by comparison, a more expensive place to live than Austin. However, the key difference in cost of living between the two cities is the price of a home. In Austin, the average home price is about $371,000, which is nearly half of what home prices are in L.A. Other things, like health care, medical expenses and utilities, tend to be less expensive in L.A. than in Austin. 

Making a Home in L.A.

Whether you’re moving long-distance for warmer winters, job opportunities or new adventures, relocating from Austin to L.A. could be the best decision you make for your family! Need help with your move? Consider U-Pack®. With a broad coverage area, we can deliver your things in just 2-5 business days! Get a free quote online or call us at 844-362-5303844-594-3077 to find out how much your move from Austin to L.A. will cost.