Moving from Atlanta, GA to Minneapolis, MN

Moving from Atlanta, GA to Minneapolis, MN

There are many differences in climate and culture you will become accustomed to by moving from Atlanta, GA to Minneapolis, MN. Atlanta metro is in the top ten largest populations in the U.S. Minneapolis is a little smaller—3.6 million versus Atlanta’s 5.2 million. Locals in Minneapolis brag of its energy and night life. There is always something to do! The residents are an energetic and diverse crowd of hip college kids, fun families, and active seniors.

How Do I Get from Atlanta to Minneapolis?

Cross country trips are always a blast. The drive from Atlanta to Minneapolis offers many options for exploration of Midwestern America. Though there are many options for interstate travel, you will likely travel to Nashville first, and then Paducah, KY. From there you can either take highways through Missouri and Iowa to get to Minnesota, or you can stick to interstates through Illinois and Wisconsin. Whatever path you choose, plan on booking a hotel at a comfortable midpoint.

Just How Cold Is It in Minneapolis compared to Atlanta?

You will be shocked if you have never experienced the arctic air that becomes commonplace in Minneapolis throughout the late autumn, winter, and early spring. Moving to Minneapolis means moving to a climate that is one of the most brutal in the country. In fact, temperatures during the winter months are colder in the Twin Cities than in any other major metropolitan area in the continental United States, including Anchorage. Throughout the winter, expect an average low temperature of 13 degrees! You’ll get used to the cold, so don’t worry too much about it. And you can expect a mild Spring and Summer in exchange for all that snow!

Malls and Restaurants

Mall of America is just minutes from downtown Minneapolis and is reachable easily by car or train. It is the largest mall in the United States with every shopping experience imaginable within its immense expanses. Located in Bloomington, MN, Mall of America is definitely a site to check out after moving to Minneapolis, MN. You will also love shopping downtown, where the dining options are a little more urban. Check out Masa for a modern and delicious dining experience (considered by many to be the best Mexican cuisine in the city).

The University Scene

A survey of the Minneapolis highlights is not complete without mentioning the great education available just east of downtown at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis. This is the fourth largest university system in the country with an annual enrollment of over 51,000 students. Virtually any degree is available with a variety of research concentrations. The most successful programs are in chemical engineering, healthcare administration, and mathematics.


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