Removing a U-Pack Bulkhead

Safety Measures:
Protective gloves should be worn while assembling and disassembling the bulkhead. We recommend two people for setup and removal as demonstrated in the photos.

The bulkhead is intended to act as a separator and is not designed to withstand the entire weight of your belongings if the load shifts in transit.

In order to keep objects from shifting, items must be secured with ropes, bungee cords, or ratchet straps prior to installing the bulkhead.

bulkhead su.jpg

Step 1

Hold down the red button to loosen the loadbars. To further loosen, hold the red button down while compressing the tube back into the loadbar. Do this for top and bottom loadbars.

bulkhead su1.jpg

Step 2

Scoot the bottom of the bulkhead backward, allowing it to lean against your shipment.

bulkhead su3.jpg

Step 3

Depress the round silver button and retract the adjustable arm back into the loadbar as many adjustment positions as possible. Do this for the top and bottom loadbars.

bulkhead su2.jpg

Step 4

Separate the loadbars by sliding them apart. Do this for the top and bottom loadbars. The panels are now ready to be removed individually. Safely remove each panel to a dry place.



























ATTENTION: Failure to leave the ramp on the door side of the bulkhead will result in additional charges.

Hydraulic Bulkhead (square bars) Setup Instructions