U-Pack Bulkhead

The Secure Divider Wall

A bulkhead is a wall that you install after your belongings are loaded into a U-Pack trailer. Its purpose is to separate your belongings from other cargo traveling on the trailer. We provide the bulkhead at no additional charge, and we deliver it to your location with the trailer.



As you can see from the video, the bulkhead consists of two panels that are simple to install. Keep in mind that it isn't designed to withstand the entire weight of your belongings if the load shifts in transit. Considering this, we recommend securing your items with ropes, straps, or other appropriate mechanisms as you load. You may also use other bracing materials that can be nailed into the wooden strips in the floor of the trailer. For extra protection, we recommend covering your belongings with a tarp or cardboard before installing the bulkhead.

Two people should be used for both set up and removal. And, as an extra safety measure, protective gloves should be worn while assembling and disassembling the bulkhead.


Hydraulic Bulkhead (square bars) Setup

bulkhead setup 1.jpg


Lockable Bulkhead (round bars) Setup

bulkhead setup 2.jpg