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Moving to Norfolk, VA?

Norfolk is a great place to call home! Norfolk Naval Base is the world's largest naval station. The large natural harbors and the city's history as a strategic military and transportation point make Norfolk an important area for defense contracting - primarily shipbuilding and ship repair.

Not only is Norfolk important for the military, it's a center for tourism in the area. Because of the cities many miles of riverfront and bay front property, and its proximity to hotels, restaurants, and shopping and cultural amenities, the area is attractive to visitors. In fact, a cruise ship terminal was recently constructed in the downtown area. What else makes Norfolk, Virginia a great place to live for its 242,803 residents? Here are the highlights:

  • Norfolk ranks a 98 on the cost of living scale (where a score of 100 is the average for the country), so you won’t break the bank living in Norfolk.
  • Norfolk is near Chesapeake and Virginia Beach, allowing residents to enjoy all the amenities that those cities have to offer.
  • The weather is great in Norfolk! In the winter, the lows average temperatures in the 40s, and the summer highs are in the 80s. Talk about perfect!
  • If you are moving to Norfolk with children, they will find their educational home in the Norfolk City Public School system, with five high schools, eight middle schools, 54 elementary schools, and nine special purpose schools.
  • Norfolk is packed with higher education opportunities! Old Dominion University, Eastern Virginia Medical School, Norfolk State University, Virginia Wesleyan College, and Tidewater Community College are all located in town.
  • Norfolk is home to Naval Station Norfolk, which supports 75 ships and 134 aircrafts. There are 14,000 people living on military ships in Norfolk.
  • Norfolk has a beautiful location! Bordered to the west by the Elizabeth River, to the north by the Chesapeake Bay, to the south by Chesapeake, and to the east by Virginia Beach, the location is ideal! You can lie on the beach, shop, see world class performances, and more all in the same day!
  • Norfolk is known for many historic neighborhoods, with many being revitalized and renovated resulting in very popular areas to live and play.

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