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Moving Away From San Antonio

San Antonio is the second largest city in Texas and one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States, which has probably made it an exciting place to live. But change is in the air for you and your family, and a move is in order. We’ve got the help you need.

U-Pack® offers long-distance moving service to all 50 states, Canada and Puerto Rico. We’re a DIY service that handles all the driving, so all you have to do is pack and load.

Learn more about our services in this guide. Then, get a free quote to check rates on your move from San Antonio.

Five Fun Things To Do in San Antonio Before You Go

Whether you’re a long-time resident or have only lived here a short time, you know there’s lots to do and see in San Antonio. Take a break from packing and enjoy the city. Here some ideas for fun things to do:

Visit the River Walk

This area has nightlife, family attractions, entertainment, museums, and restaurants. It winds and loops under bridges along the water.

Enjoy the city’s rich history

For your first stop, visit the Alamo, the flagship historical site of San Antonio. Then, move on to other sites such as Enchanted Springs Ranch (an authentic Wild West town) or HemisFair Park (host of the 1968 World’s Fair).

See a Spurs game

The team plays its games at the AT&T Center and is a perennial championship contender. Take in some exciting NBA action before you leave town!

Attend a local festival

Check out the Fiesta, a 10-day celebration honoring the heroes of the Battle of the Alamo and the Battle of San Jacinto. The Film Festival and Livestock Show and Rodeo are also big events to visit.

Take the kids to Six Flags Fiesta Texas

This theme park is the largest, most popular theme park in the area. It features games, shows, dozens of thrill rides — including the Joker Carnival of Chaos (one of the world’s tallest pendulum rides) — and a variety of other family-friendly activities.


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