Moving Companies in Fort Worth, TX

Leaving Fort Worth

Fort Worth, Texas, is a great place to live and work for many people, but the time has come to move elsewhere. Consider U-Pack® to help with your move from Fort Worth. With our extensive coverage area, we can move you from to almost anywhere in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico. Plus, our service allows you to control your move from start to finish — and you won’t have to drive a big truck through heavy traffic!

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Enjoy Fort Worth Before You Go

If you’ve lived here long enough, you likely have your favorite hangouts and things you like to do. But why not have an authentic Fort Worth experience one more time?

Outdoor opportunities

Fort Worth has plenty of outside fun for those who like to spend their time in the sunshine. Take a hike through Trinity Park where biking, fishing and whitewater rafting are all popular activities. Check out the Fort Worth Zoo or the Fort Worth Botanic Garden — the oldest botanic garden in Texas. Or visit Panther Island, the only waterfront stage in Texas, to see concerts, festivals and other events while relaxing in an inner tube on the water.

Cultural centers

Also known as the “Museum Capital of the Southwest,” the city offers cultural education at a variety of museums. Here are some of the most well-known:

  • Fort Worth Museum of Science and History
  • Modern Art Museum
  • Amon Carter Museum
  • Kimbell Art Museum
  • Cattle Raisers Museum
  • National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame
  • Fort Worth Aviation Museum

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