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Moving Companies in El Paso, Texas

Moving Companies in El Paso, Texas

Moving to El Paso, TX

El Paso, TX is a great place to call home. It’s located near the Rio Grande and across the border from Mexico . It is the sixth most populous city in the state of Texas with a metropolitan area of more than 800,000. Here are just some of the many reasons you will love moving to El Paso:

Moving to El Paso will provide you with plenty of fun!

About the Area

In 2010, El Paso was awarded the All-American City Award. It lies in the intersection of two states: Texas and New Mexico, but is the only major Texan city on Mountain Time. As far as geography goes, the North Franklin Mountain is 7,192 feet above sea level, and can be seen from 60 miles in all directions. The Thunderbird is its famous natural red-clay formation that the local school, Coronado High School, gets its mascot name from.

El Paso Weather

You’ll experience little to no humidity in the summertime, although the temps will be very hot. Winters are mild and dry. There is about 9 inches of rainfall per year, although there is occasional flooding during intense summer thunderstorms. El Paso averages over 300 days of sunshine annually. Because of its elevation, it does get occasional snow. The typically nice weather means you can spend plenty of time outdoors.

Recreation Opportunities

The largest urban park in the U.S., Franklin Mountains State Park, resides entirely in El Paso. In the 24,000 acre park, you can hike, mountain bike, picnic, take a scenic drive, or ride the aerial tramway to the top of the mountain. If you prefer to spend time inside, there are plenty of area museums to fill an appetite for the arts. The El Paso Museum of Art, Museum of History, and El Paso Holocaust Museum and Study Center are great educational resources for the entire family. Theatre is alive in El Paso, and you can watch plenty of productions at the Abraham Chavez Theatre, the Plaza Theatre, or the 1,500-seat amphitheater at McKelligon Canyon. If you like sports, each year El Paso hosts the NCAA Hyundai Sun Bowl.

El Paso Economy

The local job market is varied, thanks to a strong local economy. More than 70 Fortune 500 companies have offices in El Paso. These include The Hoover Company, Eureka, and Boeing. Fort Bliss is a U.S. Army Air Defense Artillery Center. It is a major contributor to El Paso’s economy. Because of its proximity to the border, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Drug Enforcement Administration, and the Customs and Border Protection Agency all have offices in El Paso, and attribute 64,390 jobs to the area all together. El Paso’s three large school districts are some of the largest employers in the area, as well as The University of Texas at El Paso. El Paso is also great place for filmmakers. Movies like Man on Fire, The Day after Tomorrow, and Glory Road were all filmed in El Paso.

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If we are not able to provide door-to-door delivery to your city near El Paso, TX, you can save money by loading or unloading at the service center conveniently located in El Paso, TX. If you have questions about serviceability to your location, please call us at 800-240-7422, and a U-Pack Moving Consultant will gladly help.

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