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Moving to San Juan, Puerto Rico?​

If you’re moving to San, Puerto Rico, then you’re making a great decision! Puerto Rico is a beautiful tropical island in the northeastern Caribbean and is aptly nicknamed the Island of Enchantment.  Boasting a rich history dating back to 1509, San Juan is the capital city of this beautiful island.  San Juan is also a coastal city, so living there will give you constant access to some of the Caribbean’s loveliest beaches.  The city has a well-preserved historical district that in some areas dates back to the famous Spanish conquistador, Juan Ponce de Leon! 

What’s the cost of living in San Juan?

San Juan has a pretty diverse housing market.  Locals report that some areas of the city are akin to the cost of living in Miami, FL, but other areas are significantly lower.   In fact, the majority of the city is much lower both on housing and rent costs as well as on the price of utilities and water.  As a rule of thumb, cost of living in Puerto Rico is about 7-20% less expensive living in the United States.  Overall housing prices have lowered over the past few years, so if you’re looking for a house in San Juan then this is the time to buy!  The cost of healthcare in San Juan is much cheaper than in the United States.  In fact, medical tourism is a rather large industry and expected to grow.

Traffic and transportation

Unlike other large cities in the United States where many people simply don’t own a vehicle, lots of San Juan residents do own cars and drive on a regular basis.  Getting a driver’s license in Puerto Rico is pretty easy.  After establishing residency, you’ll have 30 days to obtain a Puerto Rico driver’s license, and until then you can still use the license of whatever state you moved from.  If driving’s not for you, public transit is readily available.  San Juan has a metro and a bus system that locals report to be very efficient.  The city’s Metropolitan Bus Authority has a large fleet of buses that stop all over town.  The Públicos are a system of minibuses that travel all over the island for the days when you want to get away from city life.  There is also a taxi system with friendly drivers, and the option to rent a bicycle in a lot of areas.

San Juan weather

Puerto Rico is a tropical island, so expect lots of warm days.  No worries, though – it’s not like living on the equator!  San Juan and the rest of the Enchanted Island are not unbearably hot.  In fact, there has never been a reported day of over 100 degrees. In winter, don’t expect it to be too chilly, either.  Dipping below 65 degrees is rare, and below 60 degrees is unheard of!   Because of its location in the Caribbean, Puerto Rico gets a good amount of rain.  You can expect a little less than 60 inches of rain each year, distributed pretty evenly year-round.  This keeps San Juan considerably humid, but, surprisingly, not bleak or dismal.   Nearly 3,000 hours of sunshine each year keep the city’s residents in bright, happy moods.  

Local culture

Puerto Ricans are notoriously friendly.  You won’t find a cold shoulder on this island!  Many people think they have to be fluent in Spanish before they move to Puerto Rico.  However, most of the island, particularly San Juan, is bilingual. Spanish and English both flow freely.  So if you don’t speak Spanish, don’t worry – lots of people report moving to San Juan and communicating perfectly, despite knowing no Spanish whatsoever!

As for religion, both the history and the current culture of San Juan are steeped in Judeo-Christianity.  Over 500 years ago, Roman Catholicism was brought from Europe by Spanish settlers.  About 85% of the island’s population is Catholic, while Protestants and non-Christians make up the remaining community.

How are the schools in Puerto Rico?

If you have kids, then finding a good school in San Juan is high on the priority list. The good news is that Puerto Rico is part of the United States education system, so a high level of excellency is to be expected.  The Puerto Rico Department of Education oversees 136 public schools in the capital city alone.  Public education is free, and there is also a Head Start program similar to that of the United States.  San Juan schools differ from most public schools in America in that uniforms are required and all instruction is done in Spanish.  English study is compulsory, but is taught as a second language.  Private schools are also a common option, both Spanish and bilingual, with more than 700 to choose from on the island.  Most of the private schools are Catholic, but non-Christians and students of other denominations are of course freely welcomed. 

Moving to San Juan

U-Pack moves lots of people to and from San Juan every year.  We have several options for getting your items from your old from door to your new front door.  Just put your belongings into our container and we’ll get them to the Enchanted Island for you- from one of our 230 service centers in the 50 states or Canada.  Once we arrive, we’ll call you so you can clear your things at the customs office and then we’ll deliver your container to your new home so you can start your San Juan adventure! 

Visit our website or give us a call today!  We’ll get you a quote and help you get all your details worked out so that your move to the beautiful San Juan, Puerto Rico, will be as easy and fun as your new life in the Caribbean!

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