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Moving from Sullivan

Sullivan is a small community in East Central Missouri. Living in a town where everyone knows everyone is a unique experience many people don’t get. And while you’ll miss all the wonderful things about life in Sullivan, you’re excited to start a new adventure. Let U-Pack® help you get to wherever you’re going!

With a nationwide network, we can move you to almost anywhere in the U.S., Canada or Puerto Rico. We offer door-to-door delivery, or you can load or unload at a local service center. It’s a convenient and affordable way to move across the country. Get a free online quote to see how much moving from Sullivan will cost.

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Fun Things to Do In or Near Sullivan

Spend time enjoying Sullivan’s quaint small-town charm before you have to go.

  • Take a day trip to St. Louis and explore the Gateway City
  • Go hiking, fishing, camping, or rafting at the gorgeous Meramec State Park
  • Discover 860 acres of springs and wildlife at Blue Springs Creek Conservation Area
  • Eat a delicious home-cooked breakfast, lunch or dinner at Cracker Barrel
  • Cool off with the kids at the Route 66 Splash Park
  • Attend one of the many unique and local events at the Sullivan City Fairgrounds

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