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Moving from St. Joseph

Living in what was once called “The Wild West” has been an adventure! From festivals celebrating Missouri’s past to current jobs shaping the future, St. Joseph is a thriving city. And while you’ll miss its historic charm, you’re excited about living in a new state. How will you move?

You may think truck rental is your cheapest and best option, but U-Pack® is an excellent alternative. You still get the affordable DIY prices, but you don’t have to drive the truck long distance. We do that for you! And with 240 locations nationwide, we provide moving services to all 50 states, Canada and Puerto Rico. Start your move from St. Joseph with a free online quote.

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Only in St. Joe

Home to 13 museums and 48 parks, St. Joe is a place where you can always learn and explore. Here are some unique attractions to visit before you leave:

  • Glore Psychiatric Museum. Tour one of the most unusual museums in the country. Get a sneak peek into the minds of some of the patients who spent time here.
  • Jesse James Home Museum. Discover the life of this legendary outlaw as you walk through the home where he lived and died.    
  • The Pony Express Museum. Learn how the famous Pony Express mail service started and get a glimpse into the 2,000-mile trail riders took.  
  • The St. Joseph Parkway. Take a long stroll or bike ride through this 26-mile trail that winds throughout the entire city. It’s the perfect way to see St. Joe’s beauty!  
  • Krug Park. Step back in time at this more than 115-year-old park. You can explore 163 acres of lagoons, gardens, Italian-style castles, and scenic trails.  

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