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Leaving Joplin and Starting a New Adventure?

Joplin, Missouri, is a combination of rock ‘n’ roll, history and adventure. Living here will leave a lasting impression, and there will undoubtedly be things you miss. But your new home will bring good things, too — you just need a way to get there. Use U-Pack®!

We’ve been moving people across the country since 1997. With our experience and nationwide network of service centers, we simplify long-distance moves.

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Joplin Treasures

If possible, take time to enjoy these Joplin treasures one last time before you leave:

Grand Falls

Have you seen Missouri’s largest and continuously flowing natural waterfall? It plunges 12 feet into a 163-foot-wide ledge of solid chert rock and jagged crags. Explore the beauty of the falls and breathtaking views of Shoal Creek.

Candy House Gourmet

This gourmet chocolate factory has been serving Joplin since 1970. They’re famous for their original, mouthwatering sweets. From sea salt caramels and turtles to chocolate-dipped strawberries and chocolate-covered apples, you’ll want to taste them all! And if you start to feel nostalgic in your new city, you can always order a basket of your favorite treats. 

George Washington Carver National Monument

Discover the history of one of America’s most prominent scientists and inventors in this 24-acre park. Carver is credited with inventing more than 300 products made from peanuts and other crops. The park honors his African-American background through its museum, theater and discovery center.  

National Cookie Cutter Historical Museum

Visiting the National Cookie Cutter Historical Museum is a unique experience for all. Learn about the history of cookie cutters and see hundreds of collections, from pumpkins and stars to snowmen and trees. If you can imagine a cookie-cutter shape, this museum will have it!

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