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Halfway between Kansas City and St. Louis is vibrant, cultural and industrious Columbia. And while you may miss living in central Missouri’s trendiest town, you’re excited about what’s to come!

How will you get to your new home? Consider U-Pack® in your search for a long-distance moving company. We’ll deliver your belongings, on average, in 4-6 business days, no matter what part of the country you’re moving to.

Check prices for your move from Columbia with a free online quote, and then learn more about how U-Pack works.  

Cool Things to Do In Columbia

Enjoy these activities for either the last time or the first time:

  • Visit the award-winning Shelter Gardens located behind Shelter Insurance’s headquarters
  • Watch an independent film at Ragtag Cinema
  • Relax or study at the University of Missouri’s Mizzou Botanic Garden
  • Explore more than 1,000 acres of outdoor beauty at Finger Lakes State Park
  • Find your way through Shryocks Callaway Farms’ life-size corn maze
  • Taste a variety of locally-made chocolates and treats at The Candy Factory
  • Discover Devil’s Icebox Cave at Rock Bridge Memorial State Park

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