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Moving from Dubuque? U-Pack Can Help

Dubuque sits along the Mississippi River at the junction of three states: Iowa, Illinois and Wisconsin. And in many ways, Dubuque is an ideal American city. But if the time has come to plant roots elsewhere, you’ll need a long-distance moving company to help.

U-Pack® is a great option. With a nationwide network of service centers, we provide quick deliveries averaging 4-6 business days.

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Discovering Dubuque

Dubuque may not be the biggest Iowa town, but it offers a wide variety of fun activities. Take a break from packing and enjoy your city one last time at:

  • National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium. Called the “Jewel of the Community” by most locals, the National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium is a must-visit place! From animal exhibits to historical collections and archives, you’ll learn all about the Mississippi River’s history in a truly unique way. 
  • Fenelon Place Elevator. Don’t leave before taking a ride on the world’s shortest and steepest railway. The track is 296 feet in length and will elevate you 189 feet from Fourth Street to Fenelon Place. At the top, you’ll experience stunning views of Dubuque, the Mississippi River and the three surrounding states.
  • Eagle Point Park. This park stretches 164 acres and overlooks the beautiful Mississippi and its Lock and Dam No. 11. It’s a popular place for hiking, biking and enjoying the breathtaking views of Iowa and its wildlife. 
  • Crystal Lake Cave. Explore Iowa’s hidden treasure as you journey deep into this cave. Kids will love digging for fossils and gems while learning about the cave’s history.
  • Sundown Mountain. If you’re moving in the winter, hit the slopes at Sundown Mountain for a fun day of skiing and snowboarding! Choose from 21 scenic trails of beginning, intermediate and advanced slopes. Then, relax with a cup of hot cocoa afterward at Molly’s Mountaintop Coffee.

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