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Moving from Ankeny with U-Pack

The Des Moines area is a great place to live in Iowa, and Ankeny is a favorite for those who want the best of both worlds. Just outside the big city, this award-winning city has a lot to offer residents. It’s topped lists for being a family-friendly town, fastest-growing city, having great entertainment options, and being one of the best places to live.

But if you need to move to a new place, U-Pack can help! We’re a DIY long-distance moving option where you pack and load, but we do all the driving. We have a service center locally in Ankeny along with coverage to all 50 states, Canada and Puerto Rico. So no matter where you’re calling home, we can help. Prices include the equipment, transportation and liability coverage. It’s often comparable to truck rental, and you don’t have to drive! Get a free moving quote online or over the phone at 877-453-7274 to check rates.

Explore Ankeny Before Your Move

Whether you need something fun to do in between all of the packing or you want to hit the highlights in the area one last time, check out these fun activities:

  • Get outside. With over 60 parks covering 800 acres, 90 miles of trails, sports complexes, a dog park, community ice rink and aquatic center, there’s something for every season and every interest. Take the family to a new-to-you park to burn off some energy before the drive to your new home.
  • Enjoy the arts. There’s a vibrant art community in Ankeny, and many talented neighbors are constantly creating! Check out a performance by the Ankeny Community Chorus, Community Theatre or Community Band, or see local art at the Ankeny Art Center. 
  • Learn local history. Have you visited the Ankeny Area Historical Society? The Museum House and the Museum Barn are filled with interesting artifacts telling the story of this area. With exhibits showing how the Des Moines Ordinance Plant played a part in WWII, the original Floppy Show puppet, and a home set up as it would be in the early 20th century, you can learn all about the town’s past here.
  • Participate in fun community events. There are events year-round! Choose from laid-back craft classes where you can gather to knit or create hook rugs or community block parties. Or if you’ll be in town for the big events like SummerFest or Beggar’s Night, make sure to take part one last time!

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