Thomasville, GA

Moving to Thomasville, GA
If your ideal hometown offers more warm weather than cold, is naturally beautiful, and has the word "quaint" in its description, moving to Thomasville, GA is a move in the right direction. The "City of Roses" is located in Southern Georgia near the Florida border, so residents experience the mild winter and lovely spring, summer and fall, that folks in Florida are accustomed to. But it's packaged with a quaint, quiet, hometown feel. Though you won't find the booming nightlife like larger Georgia cities, you will find Thomasville the ideal place to raise a family or retire. Charming downtown shops and historic Plantation homes give Thomasville an appeal difficult to find in other places.

Population. Thomasville had a population of 18,413 residents in 2010. It is the second largest city in southwest Georgia, after Albany.

Smell the roses. The city calls itself the “City of Roses” because it holds an annual Rose Festival (since the 1920s). The festival is help in April. You can enjoy two parades, live music, street dance, arts and crafts, local food, and of course, enjoy plenty of beautiful roses! In fact, more than 500 rose bushes scent the air for the festival!

Attractions. There’s something for everyone in Thomasville. Visit an historical museum, like the Jack Hadley Black History Museum, tour a stunning plantation like the Pebble Hill Plantation, shop in the Historic downtown shopping district, or connect with nature at the Birdsong Nature Center. Of course, you can’t miss Thomasville’s Rose Garden!

Weather. The average summer high in Thomasville is about 90 F, while the average low is about 42 F. That means you’ll enjoy great temps in Thomasville! You’ll get about 53 inches of precipitation per year!

Education. There are two school districts in the area. Both teach preschool through 12th grade students, and are also cross-town rivals. The Thomasville City School District has three elementary schools, and one middle school and high school. The Thomas County School District has three elementary schools, one middle school, and two high schools. There are several private schools in the area, too. For higher education, enroll at Thomas University or Southwest Georgia Technical College.

Hide and Seek. Thomasville used to be a “Grand Winter Resort.” During the post-Civil War era, wealthy Northerners discovered that the surrounding forests were home to quail. Hunting quail became a favored pastime during their stay. Today, you can “hunt” the quail in the downtown area. Not with guns, or course, but with your eyes! There are 12 bronze quail status hidden in 12 different locations in downtown Thomasville! To begin your hunt, get the map with hints of where to find the statues! Good luck!

Moving To Thomasville
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