Moving Companies in Plainfield, CT

Headed from Plainfield to a New City

Near the East Coast of Connecticut is the small, historical town of Plainfield. It’s been nice living in a city where everyone’s your neighbor, but maybe you’re ready to seek more opportunities and adventures in a bigger city! Wherever you’ve decided to move, let U-Pack® go through the journey with you.

With a nationwide network, we can move you to just about anywhere. The process is simple: You pack and load a moving trailer or container, and then we deliver it to your new home. And with quick transit times of 4-6 business days, you won’t be without your things for long!

Have questions? Call 844-362-5303844-594-3077 to speak with a U-Pack representative. We’re happy to help!

Take a Break and Get Some Fresh Air 

Packing everything you own can be tiring. Take a break and enjoy Plainfield’s fun outdoor activities:

  • Explore Pachaug State Forest — the largest forest in Connecticut spanning over 24,000 acres. You’ll have fun backpacking, hiking, camping, and more!
  • Spend the day fishing, hunting, boating, or hiking at Old Furnace State Park. From different overlooks, you can see neighboring Rhode Island and other fantastic views.
  • Another great area for boating, fishing and hiking is Ross Pond State Park. It’s also an excellent area for wildlife viewing, and if you’re moving during autumn, you’ll enjoy beautiful fall colors.
  • Head to Aspinook Pond for activities like paddle boarding, kayaking and fishing. The Quinebaug River flows through the pond, creating the perfect currents for rafting.  

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