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Moving from Hartford? Here's What You Should Know

Looking for a moving company in Hartford, Connecticut? Consider U-Pack®. We combine the methods of both a full-service move and truck rental to offer an affordable, easy way to move. You pack and load your items, but we drive them to your new home. And with nationwide coverage, we offer door-to-door service to all 50 states, Canada and Puerto Rico, so we can get you wherever you’re going. Give us a call at 844-362-5303844-594-3077 or get an online quote.

Interesting Things about Hartford, CT

Hartford is the capital of Connecticut and its Old State House is the oldest state house in the country. It’s also the first city in the U.S. to build a facility specifically designed for a YWCA. Here’s some other fun facts about the city that you can share with your new neighbors:

  • The Bulkeley Bridge, built in 1905, is the largest stone-arched bridge in the world.
  • Hartford Public High School is the second oldest secondary school in operation in the U.S.
  • The late Gene Pitney, a vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee, was a native of Hartford.
  • Author and humorist Samuel Langhorne Clemens — more colloquially known by his pen name Mark Twain — called the city home.
  • Jupiter Hammond, a Hartford resident and author of “The Kind Master and the Dutiful Servant,” was the first published African-American poet.

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