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How to Contact U-Pack® Customer Service

There are several ways to contact a moving consultant. The fastest way to get in touch is via phone at 877-453-7274. Our call center is open Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. CST and on Saturday 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Or if you prefer, email our customer care team, and we’ll respond as soon as possible.

To contact us about a specific question, here’s how to reach us:

What Do I Do If…

I Need Help Getting a Quote?

Have you tried our online quote request? If you encounter issues obtaining a quote, it may be because:

  • You’re moving within the same state
  • You’re not moving more than 200 miles away
  • Your locations are not points of service for ABF Freight®
  • You are requesting a quote less than three business days before your move date

To discuss your options, please call us at 877-453-7274 or email quotes@upack.com.

I Need Help Making a Reservation?

You can reserve a move online or over the phone. If you’re experiencing difficulties with the online reservation form, it may be because:

  • You’re attempting to a reserve a move that happens within the next three business days
  • You’ve changed the quote information
  • The quoted move date has expired by more than thirty days

If any of those apply, we’ll need to complete the process over the phone. Please call us to go over the details or email reservations@upack.com with additional questions.

I Need Help with the Website?

If you’re looking for a specific document or details about your move, our moving resources page is a great place to start. It provides links to the most commonly used information on our site, such as space estimator tools, shipment tracking and moving FAQs. For additional help with the website, call a moving consultant or email moving@upack.com.

I Need Copies of My Moving Documents?

You can access documents related to your U-Pack move — including your Bill of Lading, delivery receipt, Gypsy Moth Inspection Checklist and Canadian customs form — online. If you need assistance, please contact a moving consultant or email moving@upack.com.

I Need to File a Claim?

Please send your information (name, reference number and details about your shipment) to moving@upack.com, and we’ll send you the required forms for filing a claim.

I have Questions about U-Pack?

To get information about U-Pack moving services, equipment, pricing and more, please call or email moving@upack.com. You can also search our Moving Blog for more information.