Billing Questions

Questions About My U-Pack Bill

Need clarification on an item or charge listed on your U-Pack Bill of Lading (BOL)? Check out the answers to our most-asked questions, and learn how U-Pack billing works.

What is a Bill of Lading?

It’s the agreement between the shipper (you) and the carrier transporting your household goods that serves as a receipt for transportation and evidence of title to the goods.

What’s included in my quote?

Your quote reflects the rate estimated for the equipment type and amount of space needed for a specific move date and specific locations, based on the information you provide. It includes standard liability coverage and transportation costs such as fuel, road tolls and the driver. Extra options including additional liability coverage, storage and guaranteed delivery are listed on the quote as separate line items.

Will my price ever change/why is my bill different from my quote?

U-Pack rates are based on the actual dimensions your shipment occupies in a trailer or the number of ReloCubes you use — not the weight of your belongings. On your quote, you can change the footage or number of Cubes to see how the rate changes. If you need more or less space, we’ll adjust the price, down to a five-foot minimum. Your U-Pack price will not increase based on the reweighing of your household goods.

Note that moves to or from Canada will incur an additional customs fee, and moves to Hawaii or Puerto Rico will incur an offshore tax (along with a nominal admin fee for Puerto Rico). These will be applied to your BOL and are not listed on the quote.

The following occurrences may also affect your price:

  • Changing your move date
  • Changing the origin or destination of your move
  • If, while in your possession, you incur a parking fine or the trailer is towed
  • You hold the equipment longer than the allotted loading timeframe or delay receipt of your shipment (detention and storage accrues at $50/day per trailer or ReloCube)
  • You fail to return the ramp on time to the local service center
  • You load the ramp behind the bulkhead wall with your belongings
  • You do not provide the Gypsy Moth Inspection Checklist which is required for shipments moving into the state of California, resulting in the movement of the shipment being delayed
  • Your items are banned/seized by Canadian/U.S. Customs
  • You cancel within seven days of your move date
  • You or a representative you designate are not present to sign for the equipment, requiring redelivery
  • You leave trash or boxes in the equipment after your move is complete

How do I pay my U-Pack bill?

When you reserve your U-Pack move, please indicate whether the credit card used is for payment or for reservation only. If you opt to pay with the credit card provided at reservation, it will be charged automatically once your belongings are picked up and in transit. If paying with a different card, you can pay over the phone when scheduling delivery with the local destination service center. For PayPal payments, you’ll receive an invoice by email once your items are in transit and will pay directly through PayPal. Payment in full is required prior to delivery on both credit card and PayPal payments.

Learn more about U-Pack billing and payment options.

Can I get a copy of my U-Pack bill?

Yes! You can access your BOL and the delivery receipt by logging in to the MyMove dashboard, or view/print them through our document retrieval tool.

Need help or have another billing question?

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