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What NOT to Move--Part Deux

June 16th, 2011 - 3:56 PM

Leanna Deleon has been a U-Pack analyst since 2006. As a police wife and personal firearm owner, Leanna really knows her stuff when it comes to safely handling weapons and ammunition (and moving)!

What NOT to Move— Pressurized Tanks, Propane Tanks and Aerosol Cans
BOOOOOM! Yes, an explosion is a possibility if you don't do your moving "homework." Pressurized tanks, propane tanks and aerosol cans are restricted for a reason.

In Part 1 of this series, we clarified that BB, pellet and airsoft guns are safe to move with your U-Pack shipment…as long as you don't include the pressurized tanks that are required to make some of those guns work. In this post, we'll discuss pressurized tanks, propane tanks and aerosol cans. When punctured or exposed to heat, these items can explode, causing damage to your shipment, or even worse, injuring yourself or the driver.

Aside from airsoft and paintball guns, pressurized tanks are also commonly used with welding tools and SCUBA gear. It's OK to move your air compressor tank with your U-Pack shipment as long as the release valve is open. Just don't forget to remove the propane cylinder from your barbeque grills, outdoor fryers, lanterns, heaters and torches! Propane tanks (even empty ones) cannot be transported with your U-Pack shipment.

Aerosol cans also make the "Do Not Ship" list. If you can't use up all the contents in your aerosol cans prior to moving day, you'll have to toss them out or donate them to a neighbor. The Environmental Protection Agency suggests contacting your local household hazardous waste collection facility if you're disposing of aerosol cans (a quick internet search should lead you to a local facility; if not, contact your local sanitation department or city hall). Many collection facilities will recycle household hazardous waste materials or make the materials, such as paint, available to the public for free in a "re-use" area.

Speaking of paint, it's also on the "Do Not Ship" list. Look for Part 3 of this series for more information!

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