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What NOT to Move--Part 1

November 1st, 2012 - 3:27 PM

To continue the 100th Moving Tip celebration, check out this post from last year by Leanna. She's a police wife and a personal firearm owner, so she knows her stuff when it comes to safely handling weapons and ammunition (and moving)!

What NOT to Move - Firearms and Ammo
If you're moving long distance, it's likely that you stumbled across our blog as part of your research (A+ for doing your homework!). This "homework" includes understanding the Do Not Ship list, which includes firearms and ammunition.  This restriction applies to all U-Pack moves, not just those crossing international borders or outside of the continental U.S.— but don't worry, you definitely have a few options to get them moved properly.

Before deciding HOW to transport your firearms and ammo, you need to ensure that moving them into a new state does not violate any state law or local ordinance. If you're traveling to your new home in your own vehicle, you can carry the restricted items with you. Just make sure to research state law for each state through which you will travel regarding how and where your firearm is stowed in the vehicle (unloaded, in the trunk, in a locked container, etc.). Each jurisdiction has its own legal requirements. You can start your research with state and local police departments or the state's Attorney General's office. If you're flying within the United States, you can transport firearms in your checked baggage under certain circumstances. The firearm usually has to be in a locked container. Special containers (such as the original manufacturer's packaging or wood or metal boxes) are also often required for ammunition. Contact your airline for details.

Shipping the firearms separate of your U-Pack shipment is also an option. The best advice is to consult a local, federally-licensed firearms dealer. The dealer can ship the firearms to another licensed dealer at your destination. Your dealer may also be able to provide additional advice for transporting your personal firearms based on the type of gun(s) you're shipping.

So you may be wondering, "My BB, pellet and airsoft guns aren't considered ’firearms.' Can I pack them along with the rest of my U-Pack shipment?" The answer: Yes. But (like most everything in life, there IS a "but"), do NOT ship any pressurized tanks that accompany these guns. Pressurized tanks are also on the "Do Not Ship" list and can be a danger to your shipment and the driver. We'll discuss those in more detail in Part 2!

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