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U-Pack Reviews

January 23rd, 2017 - 8:02 AM

Moving company reviews

Choosing a long-distance moving company is an important decision. How do you decide who’s capable and trustworthy? A good way to start is to research and read consumer reviews from people who’ve previously moved with the companies you’re considering. Real life situations and their outcomes can help you determine whether or not a moving service is right for you.  

U-Pack reviews

U-Pack® moving reviews

Since 1997, U-Pack has helped more than 1 million families and individuals move. Because we offer a variety of services, affordable prices and reliable transit, customers continue to choose us for their long distance needs. Below you’ll find consumer reviews on our different services from a variety of resources — Facebook®Yelp®My Moving Reviews®, the BBB® (Better Business Bureau) and U-Pack surveys. Check them out to see what previous customers are saying about their U-Pack experience. 


Our 28-foot trailer is ideal for big or small moves — just load your belongings and only pay for the space you use (down to a 5 foot minimum). It’s a convenient and inexpensive solution. See what’s being said about the U-Pack trailer:  

“Nothing but good to say about U-Pack. I rented a trailer and received a quote for 17 feet of space. I only used 12 feet and there was no hesitation in reducing the quote. U-Pack saved me a lot of money. I won’t hesitate to recommend this company.” –Dan F. (Facebook)

“I already have recommended U-Pack to others. The trailer equipment made it very easy to pack it myself in a safe and secure manner.” –John M. (U-Pack survey)

“It was very convenient that you only pay for the space you use in the trailer and that the company gives you enough time to load and unload it. Service is great and they respect and work with your schedule.” –Adriana B. (U-Pack survey)

“I will recommend U-Pack to everyone I know, it was such a great experience. I rented 5’ of trailer space which was the perfect size to move my one bedroom apartment.” –Lavonne B. (U-Pack survey)


ReloCubes® were designed with small moves in mind. Rent as many as you think you’ll need, but only pay for the containers you actually use. It’s simple and easy! Check out these U-Pack ReloCube reviews:

“Using U-Pack for our move from California to Texas was the best thing we could have done. The pick up and drop off went like clockwork and it is amazing how much fits into these Cubes. Watching the tutorials helped since nothing in our 2 Cubes was broken or damaged upon arrival. Great company, great service!” –Rudi H. (Facebook)

“Just wanted to say my experience with my ReloCube was AMAZING! Made my first move away from home seamless without any stress! My Cube showed up in town a week early and it was stored at no extra charge until I got into town. Prompt and friendly delivery both ways! I couldn’t be happier!” –Maya K. (Facebook)

We moved last year and the ReloCube made it so easy. We ordered 2, but only needed 1, so they didn’t charge us for the second Cube. They dropped it off on the day we specified and brought it to us the day we moved in. We will definitely use this company again.” –Jovanna J. (Yelp)

Door-to-door moves

U-Pack door-to-door delivery makes moving easy and is available to over 90 percent of the United States. It works like this: we deliver a trailer or CubeTM to your door, you load it, we pick it up, and then we drive it to your new home. Here’s what some customers are saying about door-to-door moving:

“I just returned from helping my daughter move across country. I used U-Pack door-to-door service as well as the guaranteed delivery option. The communication with the company, their updating of my information on the move, the timeliness of their delivery and pickup of the container were impeccable!! I might also add they were the least expensive option when compared with other moving companies. If I ever have to move again, I will definitely use this company.” –R. Salazar (My Moving Reviews)

“My cross country move with U-Pack was phenomenal. I could not have been happier with the initial quote and dealing with representatives whom steered me to the most economical option for my situation. I decided to go with the door-to-door delivery and in doing so saved much hassle and time. I could not have been happier with this service.” –Kimberly H. (U-Pack survey)

“Loved the door-to-door service. I could not ask for better trailer drop off and pick up service response times.” –Howard M. (U-Pack survey)  

Terminal-to-terminal moves

Another delivery option is terminal-to-terminal, which means you load and unload your items at the service center closest to your location. It’s ideal for locations that don’t allow door-to-door (like in bigger cities where parking is limited) and for smaller moves. It can also save you up to $300 in transportation costs. Check out these reviews:  

“I’ve moved with U-Pack twice, both times terminal-to-terminal over 1,000 miles. The drivers and terminal staff have always been friendly and responsive. The pricing is very straightforward. Overall, U-Pack has made a stressful and expensive process of moving a little more tolerable.” –Anthony (My Moving Reviews)

“U-Pack was awesome. It was exactly what was advertised. I did terminal-to-terminal and it was on time and easy!!” –James W. (U-Pack survey)

“It was so convenient and so much cheaper than all the alternatives. I did terminal-to-terminal move and saved so much money.” –Naid A. (U-Pack survey)  


U-Pack offers trailer and container storage in conjunction with long-distance moves. Just load your items into the equipment and then we’ll store it at a secure service center until delivery. When you store with U-Pack, your items aren’t transferred multiple times — you only load and unload once!  See what customers are saying about our storage solutions:   

“Everything went smoothly and U-Pack was very flexible, even offering cheap storage until my destination was sorted out.” –Sameul P. (U-Pack survey)

“Thank you, U-Pack. You made the whole moving process easier on us. Our stuff was in storage with you for over 6 months, we were worried about how everything would be but we worried for nothing everything was just as we put it in the trailer. Again, thank you.” –Jackie H. (U-Pack survey)

“We had a complicated move involving a month of storage. I am impressed by how much U-Pack worked with us to give us the most convenient pick up and drop off dates and times. Great experience!” –Melanie L. (U-Pack survey)

Online resources

To help our customers successfully complete the moving process, we offer how-to videosmoving checklists24/7 trackingmoving supplies and other online tools. See what U-Pack customers are saying about these online resources:

“I want to give my recommendation to anyone considering using U-Pack. Neither my daughter or I had ever done a move on our own, but with the helpful how-to videos and the affordable packing supplies, we got it done like pros. Thank you U-Pack, you made a stressful task that much easier.” –Chris S. W. (Facebook)  

“We had a very positive experience using U-Pack. Everything went smoothly once I made my decision to use the service. The representatives were helpful, patient and polite. The videos on the website were very useful, too.” –John C. (U-Pack survey)

“Overall, I thought U-Pack was a great option. The videos were helpful, as well as the website. The customer service was the best aspect of the move.” –Joachim C. (U-Pack survey)

Transit times

U-Pack averages transit times of 2-5 business days. Use our transit time estimator to see how long your move will take and then read these reviews:

“I recently used U-Pack to move from Pennsylvania to South Florida and everything went perfect! Customer service was top notch. My Cubes were picked up on a Tuesday and arrived in FL by Friday! When I opened up my Cubes everything was still right in place and not one item was broken! Wonderful service, fast and timely pick up and delivery, all at a very reasonable price! Thank you, U-Pack!!” –Becky F. (Facebook)

“I recently moved from AZ to OR. I was really nervous at first because I’ve never used this type of moving service before, but I did some research and am really glad I used U-Pack. It was such a stress reliever to not have to worry about one more thing when you’re moving. I scheduled a pick up of my Cube on a Friday and got a call that it already arrived on Monday. I wasn’t even scheduled to be in Portland until that Wednesday so I was quite surprised at how fast it went out. I will definitely recommend U-Pack to anyone that is considering a big move.” –Stacey A. (My Moving Reviews)

“I can’t say enough about how smoothly the whole process went. All the drivers were incredibly nice, helpful, and courteous. The transit time was quicker than I ever imagined! I will certainly recommend this service to others!” –Amanda C. (U-Pack survey)  

Overall satisfaction

With friendly customer service and some of the most experienced drivers on the road, U-Pack takes pride in making long-distance moves easy and convenient. See what some customers had to say about their overall experience:

“We moved across the country, which is very stressful, but U-Pack did not miss a beat. We changed service days several times with no issue, and they were right on time. Was also pleased that we were charged exactly what we were quoted…no erroneous charges!” –Danielle S. (Facebook)

“I have moved 30 times so far. My experience with U-Pack has been the best of them all. It was convenient to get quotes online and easy to make changes by phone. All the U-Pack representatives we spoke with were courteous, professional and accommodating. For a cross country move we figured U-Pack was cheaper than renting a truck or trailer (including fuel). Plus the space in the U-Pack trailer is flexible so we did not have to guess on sizes of trucks. Best of all, we were able to enjoy our cross-country drive!” –Mark S. (My Moving Reviews)

“U-Pack is great — we’ve had to use them twice in two years, and both experiences have been exceptional. Their customer service is very friendly, helpful and provides accurate information. Their trucks are delivered at the appointed times, and their dispatch service teams have been outstanding. The truck drivers are also great, very friendly and helpful. We would recommend using U-Pack if you need to move and want to save money.” –David L. (BBB Review)

“I am so pleased that I chose this company to assist with my move — they made everything easy and worry free. And the fee they quoted was exactly what we paid, including taxes. It’s rare that you find any service this efficient, accommodating and polite. They earned five stars.” –Diana G. (Yelp)  

Try U-Pack!  

If you’re ready to move long distance, try U-Pack! Get a free online quote or call a moving specialist at 800-413-4799 to see how much your move will cost. Or, if you want to leave a U-Pack review, just visit the sites listed above or comment below to tell our readers about your experience!