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U-Pack Delivery Options

February 23rd, 2017 - 8:19 AM

Create the move you need

One of the benefits of moving with U-Pack is that we look at each move individually. In fact, we understand that there's no universal moving solution because everyone has different needs. Because of that, we offer options to customize your experience — from the equipment type and space you use to the way your items are delivered. If you need to unload on a certain day, have parking restrictions on either end of the move, or are moving to a city with lots of street traffic, you may need a special delivery option. Take a look at our delivery choices to find the one that works best.

U-Pack delivery options include door to door delivery.

How to get items delivered with U-Pack

Before getting into the details of each delivery option, it's good to know that U-Pack has two types of moving equipment — moving trailers and ReloCube moving containers. A moving consultant can discuss the choices available in your location and help you choose the most convenient solution. U-Pack offers seven delivery types:


Most U-Pack moves are door-to-door moves. In this situation, the empty moving trailer or moving container is delivered to your home. We can park it in a driveway, on the street (check for any required parking permits), or in an apartment parking lot (with permission from your landlord). Once you load everything inside, we deliver the equipment to your new home.

Things to know:

  • A standard moving quote will include door-to-door delivery. If you want a different option, you can specify that during the quote process.
  • Door-to-door service is available in 98 percent of U.S. cities with populations exceeding 30,000.
  • With most U-Pack moves, you have three business days to load and three business days to unload, so the equipment stays at your location for several days.
  • Once your belongings arrive at the destination service center, you'll call to schedule delivery to the destination. That's when you'll get the delivery window estimation (typically a 4-hour window).


An alternative delivery method is what we call a terminal-to-terminal delivery. This means you load and unload at a nearby service center. While a terminal-to-terminal move requires a little more work, it's a great option when parking isn’t available or if you're trying to save money. You can save up to $300 depending on the equipment type.

Worth considering:

  • A moving quote can include rates for a terminal-to-terminal move if you select that option.
  • With more than 240 service centers, there's sure to be a terminal near you.
  • You typically have one business day to load and one to unload.
  • If you're doing a terminal unload, you'll call the terminal ahead of time to schedule your unload so the equipment is ready when you arrive. .


This is a hybrid option where you load at a service center and then unload at your home. It’s ideal for moves that don’t have parking at origin, but do at destination. Savings are available with this delivery type as well.

Keep in mind:

  • Terminal-to-door quotes are automatically given online if door-to-door options aren’t available.
  • A moving consultant can give you a terminal-to-door quote over the phone by calling 800-413-4799.
  • A moving consultant can help you determine where the nearest terminal location is.
  • You have one business day to load at the service center, and then have three business days to unload at your location.
  • Once your belongings arrive at the destination terminal, you will call to schedule delivery. At that time, you’ll get an estimated delivery window.


Similar to the previous move, a door-to-terminal move means loading at your home then unloading at the nearest service center. You have three business days to load at your home, then unload in one business day at the service center. Don’t forget to call the destination terminal to schedule your unload so they have the equipment ready.

Live loads

A live load is a special type of delivery that mostly happens in large cities or in other areas where overnight parking is often unavailable. A live load includes a window of time (anywhere from 1-4 hours depending on the location) where the driver stays with the truck to give you time to load or unload.


  • Talk with a moving consultant if you think you need a live load.
  • We recommend hiring loading or unloading help so you can complete your loading/unloading in the specified amount of time. If you go over your allotted time, the rate is $80 per hour.
  • The timing of live loads is coordinated with the local service center.

If you need a live load on one end of your move, and not the other, you can pair it with either door or terminal on the other end. Learn more about live loads.

Guaranteed delivery

This option includes choosing a specific date or time for delivery. Typically, our delivery dates are windows, (i.e. your belongings will arrive between Monday and Wednesday), and so are delivery times (i.e. 12-4 p.m.). However, we know that sometimes you need to know a specified time  when your belongings will arrive. If this is the case, you can choose a certain day or a time frame down to a 1- or 2-hour window. Learn more about guaranteed service.

Same day delivery and pickup

For this option, we drop off and pick up the equipment on the same day. It's a little different from a live load because the driver doesn't stay with the truck. This type of delivery requires pre-approval from the local service center, so talk with a moving consultant to see if it’s possible. This option is usually found in areas where the Home Owner's Association doesn't allow for overnight parking. The local terminal will schedule and coordinate same day drop-offs and pick-ups.

When do I schedule delivery with U-Pack?

When you reserve a move, you'll choose the type of delivery you want. You communicate with the local service center to schedule deliveries or unloading times. Your bill of lading and move plan include the contact information for the destination terminal, so you can call them to arrange delivery.

Choose the right delivery option

If you're unsure which U-Pack delivery option is best, call a moving consultant at 800-413-4799. We'll be happy to talk about your needs and help you choose a convenient solution. If you have any questions about these delivery options, leave a comment below — we're here to help.