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Residential Freight Shipping

December 10th, 2014 - 3:50 PM

What is residential freight shipping?

There are actually a couple of different answers to that question because the term “residential freight shipping” is used interchangeably. It typically either means shipping freight directly to your residence, or shipping your household goods on a freight trailer.

Let’s go over some options for both of these cases.

residential shipping solutions

Residential Freight Shipping Options

If you have a small shipment that’s palletized or crated, then ABF Freight® is your best choice. As one of the nation’s most reputable carriers, ABF Freight specializes in commercial shipments of any size.

  • If your items are non-palletized/crated, and will fit into a 48”x40”x38” box, ABF TruckPack® may be a great solution. It’s a double-wall corrugated container that fits on a standard pallet. You can place loose items into the TruckPack and ship them without having to crate them.
  • The trailers can deliver items directly to your door, so it’s an ideal residential shipping option.
  • You can get a quote at here.

If your item is difficult to ship, ArcBest can help you find a solution. Get a quote from ArcBest.

Shipping Household Goods by Freight

To move your residence via freight trailer, check out U-Pack®. What sets U-Pack apart is our unique service for moving and shipping, which centers on flexibility. We offer two different shipping containers and prices are based on the space you use. You can get a quote in just a few clicks!

How does shipping with U-Pack work?

After you load your belongings, we load the rest of the trailer with palletized commercial goods going in the same direction. You don’t have to pay for the entire trailer – you just pay for the space you use. And because the residential freight shipping rates are based on the space you use, instead of the weight of your shipment, you’re in control of your cost because the way you load your belongings matters. If you load efficiently and use less space, you pay less!

Why choose a freight shipping company to move your residence?

When companies ship new household goods (think TVs, furniture, etc), they are shipped on freight trailers. So it makes sense to use that same secure service when shipping your household goods. Here’s how U-Pack shipments are kept secure:

  • Trailer shipments come with bulkhead divider walls to separate your shipment from the rest of the trailer.
  • With the Cube option, you place your own lock on it, and it says locked until you unload.

How much does U-Pack resident freight shipping cost?

Each move is different, and so each move comes with a different price tag. Rates are based on how much space you use, your origin and destination, and when you’re moving. While costs are different depending on the specifics of your move, U-Pack prices typically compare to truck rental – but you don’t have to drive or pay for fuel!

Bottom line: U-Pack offers secure shipments with fast transit times at low prices. Get a free moving quote to see how U-Pack can handle your residential freight shipping needs.

If you have any questions about how U-Pack works, leave us a comment or call a helpful U-Pack representative at 800-413-4799.