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Moving from Kansas City: FAQ

September 11th, 2012 - 3:20 PM

So are you packing up and moving from Kansas City? Whether you are moving for a job, a relationship, or just for a change of scenery, we have all the details you need! Let’s look at some frequently asked questions you might have when moving from Kansas City.

What options do I have for moving? You have several moving options when moving from Kansas City. It really depends on your moving budget and how much you want to do. If you want an affordable move, and you are willing to do a little bit of the work, then you might want to check out U-Pack. U-Pack has a service center in Kansas City, so we can offer affordable moves. We also have a nationwide service area (including Alaska, Hawaii, Canada and Puerto Rico) so we can move you door-to-door just about anywhere. With U-Pack, you pack and load (just like you would with truck rental), but then we do all the driving! Our rates are comparable to truck rental, but we offer so much more in terms of service.

How much does it cost to move from Kansas City? Moving prices can vary depending on lots of factors, including where you are moving to, when you move, and how much you are moving. To determine the cost of your move, click to get a free moving quote. With a bit of information about your move we can give you a price. And there’s no extra charge for fuel, damage protection, or sales tax.

Where is the ABF service center in Kansas City? Unless you’re planning on a terminal to terminal (or terminal to door) move, you probably won’t need to visit the service center, but it may be helpful to know where it’s located. You’ll find it at 4209 Gardner Ave., in Kansas City, MO. If you move door-to-door with U-Pack, we’ll deliver the equipment right to your door.

How do I tell my job I’m moving from Kansas City? It’s customary to give at least 2-weeks notice at your job before moving. Some companies require this notice to be given in writing, while others will take a verbal notice. Review your company’s policies to be sure.

How do I move from my apartment in Kansas City? Different rental agreements have different terms for moving. You should review your agreement or speak with your landlord. Most places require at least a 30-days notice, and almost all of them will require you to clean your apartment. Cleaning requirements can vary. Once I moved out and was required to clean the carpets and have the locks changed. Another time, I just had to remove all the trash. Make sure you follow the terms in your rental agreement so that you get your deposit back! (Tip: make sure you leave a forwarding address for them to send your deposit after you move!). Here’s some more info on moving out of an apartment.

What should I look for in a new hometown when moving from Kansas City? Well, that really depends. Kansas City is a big city. Are you looking for a city comparable in size? Or are you ready for a quieter pace? If you desire a similar city, Long Beach, CA has a similar population but it can give you more of the laid-back beach life. Mesa, AZ is also similar in size but with more southwest flair. For an East Coast lifestyle, check out Virginia Beach, VA. Smaller towns that would still offer plenty of amenities include Little Rock, AR, Columbus, GA, Huntsville, AL or Salt Lake City, UT. To nail down where you would like to move, determine what you like and dislike about Kansas City and find a place that suits those needs.

What should I do before moving from Kansas City? Well, aside from getting one last plate of Kansas City BBQ, there are a few things not to forget to do. Before moving, be sure you arrange to have all your utilities disconnected. Leave them a forwarding address for any final statements or deposits. Visit your doctors and veterinarians to have your records transferred. File a change of address form at the Post Office. To make sure you don’t forget anything, download our moving checklist. It walks you through eight weeks of moving prep. Also, make sure you pack your stuff properly. Improper packing leads to damage, so read up on our packing tips before you get out the moving boxes and tape guns.

U-Pack is ready to help you move from Kansas City. Get a free moving quote to start planning today! U-Pack makes moving stress free and affordable. Go U-Pack! We drive. You save®.